Could You Be Eligible for an Arkansas Transvaginal Mesh Lawsuit?

Arkansas Transvaginal Mesh LawsuitIf you are one of the many women who have received a transvaginal mesh and you have been suffering severe pain or injury since receiving the mesh, then you might have a potential Arkansas transvaginal mesh lawsuit. This procedure has led to a number of lawsuits due to its often-debilitating side effects. While you will need a lawyer to determine if you really have a case, Arkansas transvaginal mesh lawsuit cases have become increasingly popular as awareness has increased.

What is Transvaginal Mesh?

Many women lose strength in their pelvic floor muscle, as they age, which often leads to stress urinary incontinence. Another major problem can be pelvic organ prolapse. There have been a number of treatment options, but the transvaginal mesh operation became incredibly popular. This procedure involves placing a synthetic mesh near the pelvic floor to supplement the muscles.

Side Effects

While this operation was incredibly popular and it was performed on hundreds of thousands of women across the country, the long list of complications have necessitated transvaginal mesh lawsuit cases. The most serious problem involves erosion of the mesh, which causes the materials to enter the bladder, vagina and bowels. Once weakened, the mesh would often make the urinary incontinence and prolapse worse than it originally was. Vaginal scarring and bleeding is also a possible side effect.

While these are the most serious issues, there are a number of other side effects that may require an Arkansas transvaginal mesh lawsuit so that you can be compensated for your pain and medical costs. The more common side effects are serious infections, pain in the affected area, vaginal shrinkage and painful intercourse. The mesh might also contract and move, which can lead to more serious issues if the mesh isn’t fixed in a timely manner.

Reason for Lawsuits

Why are so many women seeking legal action against this medical device? One of the major problems is that nearly all of the side effects require revision surgery, which is expensive and it keeps you from working and enjoying life.

Another problem is that the side effects are fairly common. While some women experience no problems with their transvaginal mesh, the FDA estimates that at least 10 percent of women have been affected by the possible side effects. In 2010, the FDA said that serious complications were somewhat common, and a public safety warning was issued to warn women about seeking this treatment option.

According to another report by the New England Journal of Medicine, at least 3.2 percent of women will need corrective surgery. Since there are over 300,000 women with transvaginal mesh, this means that about 10,000 of them will need the mesh corrected or removed.

Seeking a Lawyer

If you have complications and you want to pursue an Arkansas transvaginal mesh lawsuit, please contact Attorney Group for Arkansas. We can review your case and connect you with an experienced attorney for no upfront cost. Dealing with injury after a serious surgery such as this can be devastating, so contact Attorney Group for Arkansas to get your questions answered at no cost.