Facts About Drunk Driving

Get the Facts About Drunk Driving in Arkansas

Few events are more upsetting than learning that a friend or loved one has been killed or injured by a drunk driver. Learning the facts about drunk driving and taking the time and effort to inform others is one of the most effective ways to crack down on this trend. Another preventative measure is lowering the legal blood alcohol content level for drivers, which the National Transportation Safety Board (NTSB) is attempting to do in Arkansas.

Changes in Arkansas

The NTSB has gathered many important facts about drunk driving, all of which have been taken into account in their recommendation to reduce the legal BAC level in Arkansas from 0.8% to 0.05%. One of the most important facts about drunk driving that they use to justify lowering the legal BAC level in Arkansas is that it could drastically reduce the percentage of DUI/DWI-related accidents.

facts about drunk driving


This has proven true in Australia. When the country lowered the legal BAC level from .08% to .05%, many areas reported a 5-18% drop in alcohol-related fatalities. People should also take note that the U.S. is only one of a small number of countries that have set their BAC level at .08 percent. Many countries in Europe, the majority of South America, and Australia have established BAC levels at 0.5%.

The NTSB uses facts about drunk driving to support the assertion that fatality statistics will improve if every state in the country changes their rules. It is estimated that about 1,000 lives can be saved annually. The organization is also considering implementing other steps to help decrease fatalities on Arkansan roads.

The Public’s Mixed Reactions

Upon hearing this recommendation, a number of people have shared their reactions. One of these groups is restaurant owners. They claim that the facts about drunk driving cited by the NTSB that support this recommendation will have no bearing on their business at all. They believe that this law will not discourage people from drinking and continuing their normal weekend habits.

Lawyers have also expressed varied opinions about this proposed law. A number of them welcome this recommendation, in agreement with the facts about drunk driving that drove the NTSB to push this legislation. However, some do not agree with this proposal. To them, the 0.08 level is more realistic in helping law enforcement officials detect impaired drivers.

The Importance of Lawyers for the Victims of Drunk Driving

Drunk driving and alcohol-related accidents cause distress and grief for countless individuals across the state of Arkansas and the country. It is also the leading cause of catastrophic injuries, car accidents, and fatalities in the Natural State. This is one of the facts about drunk driving that cannot be denied. Lawyers affiliated with Attorney Group for Arkansas understand your need to achieve a justifiable settlement.

One of the things that we can assist you with is obtaining a claim. This may include a claim for medical expenses, caretaking expenses, and lost income. We can also help in securing pain and suffering compensations. This includes adequate compensation for disfigurement, physical pain, emotional distress, and disability. We also help people get compensated for punitive damages. This is the amount of money being used to punish a party at fault.

Getting More Facts About Drunk Driving

Attorney Group for Arkansas can help you hold restaurants and bars liable for over-serving. We can also aid you if you are a victim of an accident caused by a drunk driver. Contact us today to set up a free consultation to get more facts about drunk driving and to be informed of your legal rights.