What Does the GM Ignition Recall Mean for Arkansas Drivers?

Talcum Powder and Cancer-ArkansasGM Ignition Recall: Does it Affect You?

A faulty ignition switch prompted General Motors (GM) to recall 2.6 million vehicles in February 2014 due to the risk that affected models could shut off without warning if the keys in the ignition jiggle or move out of the “run” position. Although this particular GM ignition recall was the first of its kind for the company, it issued a second recall in March 2014 of more than 1.5 million vehicles due to the possibility of the electronic power-steering assist failing. Among the models affected by the recall are the following:

  • Chevrolet Cobalt – 2005-10 model years
  • Pontiac G5 – 2005-10
  • Saturn Ion – 2003-07
  • Chevrolet HHR – 2006-11
  • Pontiac Solstice – 2006-10
  • Saturn Sky – 2007 -2010
  • Opel GT – 2007
  • Pontiac Pursuit – 2005 – 2006

If you or someone you love has been injured while operating a car included in the current GM ignition recall, consider seeking legal counsel from an experienced lawyer as soon as possible. Attorney Group for Arkansas can review your case, free of charge, and connect you with an affiliated lawyer who can assist you throughout the legal process.

Reasons for the GM Ignition Recall

The GM ignition recall was issued because the switches have the potential to inadvertently turn off the engine. According to reports, this is more likely to happen if the driver hits bumpy or rough terrain or if his or her key ring has added weight. If the ignition switch is not in the correct position and the driver is involved in a crash, the vehicle’s airbags may not deploy, and the driver may be at an even greater risk of suffering from injury or death.

Victims May Consider Filing a Lawsuit in Arkansas

As a result of the recall, plaintiffs are filing lawsuits with the help of a personal injury lawyer against the manufacturer after allegedly sustaining injuries in accidents resulting from the defect. It is important to consider seeking a personal injury lawyer if you have been injured from one of the recalled vehicles. Additionally, plaintiffs may be eligible to work with a wrongful death lawyer if someone they love was killed in a car accident.

Although the company has informed drivers of the recalled vehicles that the cars are unsafe to drive, concerns have reportedly been expressed because the parts necessary to fix the problem were not made available until April 7th, 2014, and in many cases are still not available. As a result, drivers may have no choice but to operate a knowingly unsafe vehicle while they wait to have their cars repaired. Although GM states that it will provide rental vehicles or cover other costs associated with its GM ignition recall, lawsuits are being filed by those for which the recall and acknowledgement of the alleged fault switch came too late.

GM is also under investigation for allegedly knowing of this problem for nearly a decade before it decided to pull the vehicles from the market. In April 2014, the CEO of the company testified before Congress to address these concerns and to answer questions as to why the company waited years before taking action. As a result, vehicle owners may have consumer claims in addition to being eligible to seek compensation for damages including pain and suffering, lost wages, medical expenses, mechanics’ fees and other costs.

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If you feel you have a claim after you were injured or involved in a car accident following the GM ignition recall, consider seeking legal counsel from a personal injury lawyer as soon as possible. Attorney Group for Arkansas can help answer questions, help you to determine if you have a claim and can connect you with an affiliated attorney that can help you to file a GM ignition recall lawsuit in Arkansas.