Hip Implant Lawsuits Update in Arkansas

Arkansas- Hip Implant LawsuitsArkansas residents who believe they have been injured after receiving a hip implant and may be considering filing for compensation with an Arkansas attorney may be interested to learn of the developments in some major hip implant lawsuits. Anyone who suffered physical and financial loss from a defective hip implant product should consider seeking compensation for damages and injuries they have suffered. Hip implant lawsuits are now in the thousands across the nation.
The metal on metal design of the hip replacements manufactured by several companies has reportedly led to a number of problems, as metal can potentially rub off at the point of contact and escape into the joint and body as a whole, causing serious complications.

Arkansas residents who have had a metal on metal hip implant with inflammation of the joints or extremely high metal concentrations in the blood stream following should be quick to seek medical care and consider possible legal action.

One of the biggest hip implant lawsuits underway is that against Depuy, a division of Johnson and Johnson. There have been lawsuits filed against Depuy Orthopaedics for both their Pinnacle and ASR hip replacement systems. Arkansas hip patients should be aware of the progress of the bellwether case underway in Dallas, TX where a plaintiff is seeking damages for the alleged lack of adequate warning by Depuy before she required additional surgery to deal with her Pinnacle hip implant’s failure and damage to surrounding joint tissues. On September 15th, a Johnson and Johnson executive denied the allegations, leading to further courtroom drama before a watching jury. Over 6,000 additional cases are ready to follow this initial Pinnacle hip implant case. In the case of ASR implants, Johnson and Johnson has agreed recently to a settlement of $2.5 billion for those who as of August 31, 2013 had required new surgeries to correct problems. It remains to be seen if the Pinnacle case will end similarly.

Another large set of cases involve Stryker’s Rejuvenate and ABG II Modular Hip Stems which have also been reported to have caused injury and require further surgery. A recall of these products has been issued and settlements have been reached in multiple states- over 2,100 in New Jersey alone on September 13th this year. Meanwhile, thousands more cases remain unresolved.

Other lawsuits have been leveled against Biomet, which has allotted $56 million in a fund for the thousands of victims who reported metal leaching and device failure, against Wright Conserve, which has 10 scheduled bellwether trials waiting for March 2015, and against Zimmer for their Durom implants’ alleged faulty design and causing of metallosis. Smith and Nephews, a British company, was sued successfully of late for a different reason- claiming to have made hip replacements in the United States which were found to have actually originated from Malaysia.

Considering Joining Hip Implant Lawsuits in Arkansas?

Arkansas patients who have suffered pain, metal in the blood, harm to the bone and tissues of their hip joints, or the need for additional surgery, should contact Attorney Group for Arkansas for a free case evaluation and consultation. Hip implant lawsuits are pending, and others may be possible for those who have suffered from hip implants that promised greater mobility and lessened pain but soon ceased to function and caused painful and dangerous conditions. Contact us today to discuss your situation.