Kroger Cookie Dough Recall Leads to Major Health Concerns

Kroger Cookie Dough RecallOn August 25 2013, ConAgra Foods and the United States Food and Drug Administration recalled a limited number of Kroger’s Break ‘N Bake chocolate chip cookie dough packages from consumer use. The recall was the result of the unintended presence of peanut butter cup cookie dough, which was accidentally blended into the chocolate chip cookie dough. Only the products with a unit UPC code of 1111087530 and a use by date of November 24, 2013 are impacted by the Kroger cookie dough recall.

The product has been distributed to over 25 states, including California, Michigan, Nevada, Ohio, Tennessee, Virginia, and more. The Kroger cookie dough recall impacts items sold in a variety of stores in these states, but some distribution centers have been excluded. Consumers should go to the recall page here for a complete and accurate list of affected stores. Anyone who has already bought the recalled product are advised to avoid consuming the dough and to return it to the store for a complete refund of the purchase price.

The Kroger cookie dough recall involved mislabeling and inadequate warning of the presence of peanuts into the dough. Therefore, a rather large percentage of the consumer population could be at risk of severe allergy from consuming the item. The dough was advertised and labeled as being chocolate chip, which is often an excellent alternative for individuals that cannot consume peanuts. Although there have been no reported injuries so far in the Kroger cookie dough recall mix-up, anyone that is unaware of the mislabeling is prone to suffering a potentially serious and life-threatening allergic reaction. Individuals could end up becoming hospitalized, or go into anaphylactic shock as a result.

If you or your child has been seriously injured from the affects of mislabeling from an incident like the Kroger cookie dough recall, you may be eligible for financial compensation for your pain and suffering. Since Kroger failed to provide sufficient indication that the product was unsafe to individuals with a peanut allergy, a personal injury lawsuit can hold Kroger solely responsible for this negligence. The company failed to provide the product that was promised on the package, and this could be a potentially deadly mistake that deserves appropriate legal action. All victims of mislabeling from manufacturer companies, misrepresentation of a product on the packaging, or product defects could be eligible for filing claims to hold the company responsible and possibly receive compensation.

The American Injury Attorney Group is on your side for seeking potential compensation events such as these. Fortunately no reports have been filed in this case, but product mislabeling can be a serious sign of negligence on behalf of a large company, and can potentially end in adverse outcomes. The experienced professionals of American Injury Attorney Group understand the detrimental and hazardous affects this can have on consumer’s health and well-being. The affiliated attorneys know how to handle personal injury cases, and can answer any questions you may have on whether you have a potential case eligible for compensation. Please do not hesitate to contact Attorney Group for Arkansas today to answer all of your questions.