Little Rock Arkansas Chiropractic Care After an Auto Accident

You were in a car accident, and now you have a lot of inconveniences to deal with and are not sure where to start. Most people focus on the most immediate issues like; Who is at fault? Am I covered? How long will it take to fix my car? How much will it cost me? How can I get to work in the meantime? But an important question that is often overlooked is; “Am I really ok?”. One of your first actions to answer this question thoroughly would be to locate and visit an Little Rock Arkansas Chiropractor.

A Little Rock Arkansas Chiropractor can assess any damage you might have sustained to your soft tissues and spinal column (very common injuries in car accidents) and will be able to provide a course of treatment that will suit your own personal health situation. Even minor spinal misalignment can cause a host of issues with your nerves, bones, ligaments and discs with symptoms like poor posture, headaches and chronic back pain. Emergency room doctorsare not trained to detect long term injuries such as this – they are focused on the immediate life threatening issues and treat them directly – all other pain symptoms are often handled with prescription pain medication. Pain pills will not fix the structural or soft tissue damage that can be the result of even the most minor car accident.

A Little Rock Arkansas Chiropractor will look beyond the surface issues and do more than just treat the symptoms – he will investigate the root cause, and will be able to determine whether it is misalignment of vertebrae, damage to your discs or ligaments, or some other hidden physiological cause. The long term impact of a car accident is very difficult to know without this kind of assessment, sometimes issues don’t manifest for weeks after the accident occurred. You want to be sure you are “really ok” before consenting to close your insurance claim on the accident.

Finding a Little Rock Arkansas Chiropractor is very easy, you can contact any number of professionals through the online member lists from groups like the Arkansas Chiropractic Society or the Arkansas Chiropractic Association. Most Little Rock Arkansas Chiropractors have an online presence you can view and check out their patient testimonials.

Little Rock Arkansas Chiropractic Care

When you visit a Little Rock Arkansas Chiropractor, it is very similar to visiting your regular medical doctor. The assessment is painless and sometimes even soothing. Once you have filled in the new patient chart, and are called into the doctor’s office, there are some basic assessment procedures he will take. Usually the first one is to ask you remove your shoes and stand up as straight as you can. He will have a weight on a cable that will be placed near the back of you head and allowed to hang down behind you. This will be a visual cue for the Chiropractor to see how far out of alignment your spine might be. Then the Little Rock Arkansas Chiropractor will do a gentle examination of your bone structure, focusing on any problem areas he can detect, or that you mention are painful. Once the initial exam is over, you may be asked to lie down on the Chiropractors table. This is a table very similar to a massage table, it has openings in it for your face to rest in so your neck does not need to twist to one side when you are face down. Depending on where your problem areas are located, you may need to lie face up or face down for the work to be done. The work itself is a physical application of force from the Chiropractor’s hands, but the experience is less invasive than a normal massage, and the positive results often surprising to new patients. A few deft, highly specific adjustments from the Chiropractor on your spine can do what months of medications cannot. Once the treatment plan is determined, the visits can be quick and effective.

Even without a traumatic event like a car accident, many people recommend visiting an Arkansas Chiropractor simply for the overall health benefits. If you are in a job where you are sitting much of the time, or are working with one side of your body more than the other, misalignments can happen gradually over time. Even the habit of carrying a heavy purse or a backpack on one shoulder can cause injuries you are not aware of for years until the pain becomes chronic. The smallest adjustments to your neck and spine can eliminate future chronic pain in a safe way. The fact that there is no medication involved means you will never have to worry about side effects or conflicting medical treatments. To help avert the long term deterioration of your spine and posture, seeing an Little Rock Arkansas Chiropractor as part of your regular health regime is a truly wise step.

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