Man Charged in Clinton, Arkansas Semi Truck Accident

Arkansas Semi Truck AccidentAn Arkansas semi truck accident that occurred on June 2, 2014 has resulted in criminal charges brought against the driver. According to officials, a Bee Branch man is facing 10 counts of first-degree battery, six counts of second-degree battery, and two counts of negligent homicide. The Arkansas semi truck accident reportedly occurred when a tire blew on the vehicle and the cargo on the driver’s log truck shifted, causing the semi truck to overturn. Two construction workers were killed, and 19 others were injured.

The man underwent blood testing following the incident after officers reported that he was exhibiting behavior similar to that of someone who was intoxicated, and results found that he was under the influence of meth at the time of the Arkansas semi truck accident. While he is facing criminal charges, there is a possibility of one or more civil lawsuits being brought against him as well due to his alleged negligence that resulted in the accident.

Whether or not the man is convicted of criminal charges has no bearing on whether he will face civil lawsuits. In the latter, the defendant’s actions are not judged to be illegal or legal; rather, his actions are examined to determine negligence. If it is found that he was reckless or negligent and an individual was injured as a result of these actions, a civil lawsuit is a possibility, and the defendant may be responsible for compensating the victims.

Civil Liability versus Criminal Charge Lawsuits

In the case of Ethan Couch, a teenager who stole his father’s truck while under the influence of alcohol and caused an accident that killed four individuals and injured two more, the boy was able to avoid jail time on criminal charges. However, civil cases could be brought against the youth for his negligence and recklessness that resulted in injury and death of others. In another incident, a Wisconsin bicyclist found himself wedged in the windshield of a motorcyclist who was operating the bike while intoxicated, and the motorcyclist may be held responsible and be required to compensate the bicyclist for lost wages, pain and suffering, or medical expenses if it can be determined that the motorcyclist acted in a malicious, reckless, or negligent manner.

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