Mayflower Arkansas Exxon Oil Spill

Arkansas Oil Spill

Residents Seeking Relief: Aftermath of Mayflower Oil Spill

Residents of Mayflower, Arkansas are devastated by the Exxon Mobil oil spill. According to local news reports, residents are filing claims with Exxon Mobil for assistance with the costs incurred for housing and for ill health from environmental consequences of the oil spill. These efforts on the part of Exxon Mobil are understandable, but without qualified legal representation affected residents risk sacrificing important legal rights.

In the Aftermath

Local news reports continue with a look at future costs for remediation of damage caused by the oil spill. Residents are concerned with regard to toxins remaining on their property after the cleanup. Is their family safe? Can they build a swimming pool or make a garden without expecting health problems? Many residents are concerned about the future property value of their homes. One question is whatever has property values will plummet, leaving residents of Mayflower with lower chances of selling their homes.

Officials Taking Notice

Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe stressed that guidelines for pipeline maintenance and upgrades should be in place. Allen Dodson, Faulkner County Judge, has met with residents of the Northwood subdivision that was evacuated.

Seeking Qualified Representation

Before agreeing to any resolution of your claim with Exon Mobil, it is important to sek a qualified attorney to help advise you on the legal issues facing you. The Mayflower Oil Spill is an environmental disaster, and there are many things to be concerned with.

An attorney can help you with obtaining fair andjust compensation for your total claim. Do not count on Exxon Mobil to deal with your best interests in mind, and do not sign anything from them without having an attorney review it first. We offer a free consultation regarding your legal rights, and if you engage our services no upfront money is expected from you. We can explain your rights as a homeowner and the impact this oil spill may have on your family.

Your case may involve compensation for the following elements of damage caused by the oil spill:

  • Property Damage
  • Loss of Income
  • Health issues
  • Loss of Property value

Check out the news coverage about Lawyers answering questions about the Mayflower Exxon Mobile Oil Spill here:

The most important thing you can do before your consultation with one of our lawyers, is to write every question down so that you will not forget. In any event, it is important that you seek an experienced Arkansas Oil Spill attorney today.

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