Mayflower Oil Spill: Attorney Cautions Residents in Dealing with Exxon

Residents of Mayflower, and in particular residents of the Northwoods subdivision have reported being contacted directly by Exxon and its claims adjusting company,Crawford & Company, regarding the recent offer of payment made by Exxon. Additionally, residents are reporting on meeting being held by Exxon with residents regarding the offers of payment and the payments themselves.

Mayflower oil spill attorneys are cautioning residents regarding any dealings they have with Exxon if they are not represented by an attorney, and also reminding residents who have representation that all requests for communication by Exxon, Crawford & Company, or any other person representing either of those companies should be referred to that resident’s attorney.

Statements made to Exxon and its representative could have an impact on a resident’s claim, as statements can often be used as evidence in a court of law or otherwise while claims are being evaluated. A misstatement, even to a misunderstood question, or a statement taken out of context, could be used against residents in the future and undermine their ability to receive the full extent of compensation that they deserves as a result of the damage that they have sustained from the oil spill.

Residents can best protect their interests, and take a step to ensure that they do not compromise their claims, by engaging an attorney to represent them in dealings with Exxon. In relation to payments being offered by Exxon, it is anticipated that attorneys representing clients on a contingency fee basis will not seek a fee for any recovery you obtain without their assistance, so payments made by Exxon under its current offer may not be subject to an attorney’s fee.

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