Mayflower Oil Spill: Toxic Chemicals Revealed in Independent Air Testing

Attorneys working with residents affected by the Mayflower Oil Spill take note of an April 26, 2013 press release from the Faulkner County Citizens Advisory Group (FCCAG). The full text of the release is available here.

According to the press release, independent air testing of the areas affected by the Mayflower Oil Spill revealed over 25 toxic chemicals at high levels. Moreover, the release states that health symptoms persist in residents despite denials from Exxon and state agencies regulating the clean up of the oil spill. April Lane of the FCCAG is quoted as saying that “even four weeks later, residents are still feeling symptoms from the chemical exposure. People have consistently talked about gastrointestinal problems, headaches, respiratory problems, skin irritation including chemical burns, and extreme fatigue.” The release also notes that “these symptoms are consistent with exposure to the chemicals found in the independent air testing.”

Results of testing conducted on March 30:

[D]etected over twenty-five toxic chemicals including cancer causing benzene and ethylbenzene. According to the Agency for Toxic Substances and Disease Registry, chemicals can have varying health effects depending on intensity and frequency of exposure. Short-term, high levels of exposure and long-term low level exposure to benzene and ethylbenzene have led to increased cancer rates. Many of the chemicals have developmental, neurological and reproductive health effects.

The press release is also critical of the response to the oil spill by both Exxon and the state and federal agencies overseeing the clean-up efforts.

Information about the oil spill, response efforts, and the short and long term effects of the spill provided by Exxon and government agencies may differ from that provided by independent groups monitoring the spill and its effects. Mayflower Oil Spill attorneys are staying apprised of available information to better inform their clients and potential clients of the issues that may impact their legal rights in the aftermath of the spill. If you have been affected by the Mayflower Oil Spill, it is important that you engage an attorney to discuss your legal rights today.

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