Mayflower Oil Spill Update: Six Months After Spill

Mayflower-Oil-Spill-UpdateMayflower city officials and Exxon officials were in Mayflower, Arkansas on Monday, September 30, 2013 to provide a Mayflower oil spill update to the public on their progress since the Pegasus pipeline spill. It has been six months since the pipeline was breeched, causing oil to spread across ditches, yards and a cove in the city. While some residents were looking forward to moving back into their homes, many residents have opted to sell their houses instead. Also, some homes have been completely demolished due to damages beyond reasonable repair, and demolition was started at the beginning of October.

As it stands, Exxon had purchased five homes, yet experts report that the number may increase over time. Twelve families are still in temporary housing and three homes have not been cleared for move-in because oil is still settling underneath the foundations. The other 19 homes that had previously been evacuated have been cleared for residents to move in, although few, if any, have done so at this time.

However, during the Mayflower oil spill update, Exxon acknowledges that it still has a long way to go. Aside from the cleanup and homes, the next battle will reportedly be the future of the pipeline. While it is currently shut down, Exxon could decide to reopen if it is determined to be safe once the investigation is finalized. Officials also stated that they did not have new information pertaining to the cause of breach of the pipeline.

What Was the Mayflower Oil Spill?

On March 29, 2013, an ExxonMobil pipeline carrying crude ruptured in Mayflower, Arkansas, 25 miles northwest of Little Rock. By March 31, approximately 12,000 barrels of oil and water had been recovered. Residents were evacuated from 22 homes and the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) classified the leak as a major spill, leaking between 5,000 and 7,000 barrels of crude oil.

A lawsuit was filed in the summer of 2013 on behalf of residents affected by the Mayflower oil spill. Additionally, other lawsuits have been filed on behalf of business owners in the area, and both the United States and the state of Arkansas have filed a lawsuit against Exxon. While lawsuits are already in motion, affected residents may still be able to seek compensation and are encouraged to seek legal counsel as soon as possible.

Mayflower Oil Spill Lawsuits

One complaint was filed on behalf of over 50 residents of Mayflower and their attorneys. While the plaintiffs have been grouped together in alleging fault against Exxon, each of the claims are acknowledged individually in the lawsuit and each plaintiff’s compensation will be determined based on the plaintiff’s specific situation.

The lawsuit alleges that Exxon violated the Arkansas Solid Waste Management Act and was negligent in both the operation of the pipeline and the development of the neighborhood and brings claims against the company for their actions during the cleanup of the spill.

Plaintiffs and their attorneys are seeking punitive damages reportedly as a result of conduct that the company knew would most likely result in damages and/or injuries but that ExxonMobil allegedly took those actions with a purported disregard of the consequences.

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