7 Mistakes Made After a Car Wreck | Arkansas Car Wreck Lawyer

Arkansas Car Wreck LawyerThere are several mistakes that a driver may make following a car wreck. Without an Arkansas car wreck lawyer to advise you of your options, you may unintentionally do something that hurts your chances of a successful case result. Attorney Group for Arkansas has prepared the following list of the top seven mistakes drivers make following a car wreck so that you can avoid them:

1. Refusing to seek medical attention. While the accident may not have resulted in life-threatening injuries or complications, you have no way of knowing whether your condition will worsen over the next several weeks or months. Always visit your doctor to confirm your condition as these medical records can serve as evidence if you decide to file a lawsuit for compensation in the future.

2. Accepting the first offer from insurance without consulting with legal counsel. As you face a mounting pile of medical bills, you will likely want to accept the first offer that is presented. However, the insurance adjuster’s job is to get you to do just that, and the amount that you are given could be too low for what is appropriate in your situation. Always consult with an Arkansas car wreck lawyer before you speak to an insurance company or sign any paperwork indicating a settlement.

3. Broadcasting your accident. Avoid taking to Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, or any other social media outlets to discuss your accident. There is a chance the insurance adjuster or defense team may try to find your accounts to see if you are being untruthful about your condition or the cause of the accident, and could use anything they find against you in order to avoid having to pay damages.

4. Failing to obtain a police report. A police report could be the most important piece of documentation that you need for litigation after an accident. Always notify law enforcement officials of the incident and ask them how you can go about obtaining a copy for your records.

5. Acting out irrationally or extremely. One of the worst things you can do after an accident is lose your cool. Yes, you may be frightened and scared, but it is important to remain calm and collected to the best of your ability. Be polite and respectful, particularly to the police, and truthfully answer their questions to the best of your knowledge.

6. Neglecting to notify your insurance company. If you are seriously injured, calling your insurance provider may be the last thing on your mind. However, even if you fall within your deductible, the insurance company will still need to know about the accident. You can’t receive money from an insurance company if you don’t inform them of the incident.

7. Forgetting to document the accident. Always remember to try to take as many photos as you can of the accident if possible. Be sure to include both cars, the location of the incident, the position of the vehicles, any injuries, witnesses, and skid marks. Make sure you get the names and contact information of all involved parties.

An Arkansas Car Wreck Lawyer Can Help

If you’re injured, it’s extremely important to seek legal counsel from an Arkansas car wreck lawyer. Attorney Group for Arkansas can provide you with a free consultation and help to answer your questions so that you have an understanding of your options in your situation. We can also put you in contact with an affiliated Arkansas car wreck lawyer who can help you seek the compensation to which you may be entitled.