New iPad 3 & How Clients Can Benefit | Arkansas Attorney

When searching for legal counsel in Arkansas, clients want to connect with a law firm that’s up-to-date with cutting edge information technology. Speed, accuracy and accessibility make Apple’s new iPad attorney-friendly like no other tablet on the market. The iPad 3 sports higher quality audio and image processing, a faster Internet connection and support for the latest apps that shrink an entire law office down to one, portable device.

Familiar Surface, Supercharged Under the Hood

The iPad 3 has many new performance-enhancing elements in the internal hardware but those familiar with previous generation tablets won’t have any trouble jumping right into the interface. The more powerful hardware isn’t any more demanding on battery life and also doesn’t come with extra weight. The iPad 3 is only a fraction of an inch thicker than second-generation devices; so new iPads will fit perfectly in existing carrying cases.

Updated Specs

The top-of-the-line iPad 3 comes with a full package of improvements over the iPad 2 and out-performs every other tablet on the market.

  • Multiple differentiators help the hardware deliver crisper, cleaner audio and visual content for crystal-clear calls, sharp video and perfect recording.
  • Resolution at 2048×1536, higher than any mobile device and even beyond many HD TVs and monitors.
  • 4G LTE support for super-fast Internet and network connections, even outside of Wi-Fi hotspots. The same connectivity whether you’re in the heart of Little Rock, the parks of Bryant or a cafe in Benton.
  • The A5X optimized dual-core processing chip that closes the gap between portable information technology and the most powerful desktop computers.
  • 5 megapixel camera that shoots 1080p video with automatic image stabilization.

Working with Apps

There is a growing suite of exciting applications for today’s new iPad attorney. The device runs software that makes jury selection more thorough without sacrificing efficiency. The iPad 3 is the first tablet to come with a built-in voice recording system and the improved recording clarity filtered by the differentiators ensures the most accurate digital dictation possible.

The e-reader technology in the iPad 3 provides access to an entire library of legal resources on the go, complete with bookmarking, highlighting and quick search features to guarantee fast, knowledgeable service to every client.

Creating and implementing presentations is easier than ever with high-definition graphics and all trial prep materials available in a simple electronic filing system.

Simple and Sustainable

The new iPad attorney applications and on-board features make paperless workflow a reality. This cuts operational costs over time, saves space and presents a clean, modern image to current and prospective clients. Electronic information is easier to share, easier to preserve and remarkably reduces research and fact-checking time, preserving more of every day for client service overall.

Integrating the iPad 3 into the daily operations of a legal practice can elevate a firm to among the most efficient in Arkansas. The initial cost is quickly offset by savings in time and materials while the hardware upgrades translate to a clear upgrade in a firm’s service and reliability.”