Nursing Home Neglect Lawyers Note How the Government Shutdown Affects Nursing Home Residents

Gov Beebe nursing home neglect lawyersWith the country on edge, the government shut down is affecting more citizens each day. From infants and children to parents and senior citizens, many are worrying about a dramatic loss in income or other areas. Experts report that if families do not have money to put food on the table or finances to care for their children or parents, the economy will find itself in chaos. And now nursing home neglect lawyers are noting that a critical issue resulting from the government shutdown is a reduction in nursing home care capabilities.

Concerns Arise Over Nursing Home Residents

On Monday, September 30, 2013, Arkansas Governor Mike Beebe acknowledged that a federal government shutdown would lead to furloughs for many state employees, though it was unclear how many. Gov. Beebe reported that state officials have been strategizing on how to minimize the impact Arkansas would feel from a government shutdown, but he won’t plan on using state money to make up for the loss.

Over 2,000 state employees will be furloughed immediately, and thousands more may face a similar fate should the shutdown continue. Losing jobs is not only affecting working Arkansans and their families, but the state and local economies will suffer as well. Gov. Beebe acknowledges that Arkansas may suffer from this crisis and that what should be a clean and simple resolution has turned into a political drama. Moreover, the shutdown may result in reduced meals and care for nursing home residents. Many facilities in Arkansas receive federal funding either through or directly from the state and the lack of money could lead to less meals and a reduction in the quality of care for many nursing home residents across the state.

To many, the government shutdown is inexcusable. More than 85,000 meals for children in Arkansas are at risk, along with over 2,000 newborns who might not receive formula through Arkansas’s Department of Health’s WIC program. Similarly, reduced care for residents in nursing homes is anticipated. Concerns are growing amongst families who are not only struggling during this time but who are also worried about their loved ones in these facilities. With reduced care comes the potential for abuse or neglect in long-term care facilities. Should that occur, families should consider seeking the assistance of nursing home neglect lawyers. Many do not realize that legal action can be taken to protect the rights of nursing home residents who have suffered from abuse or neglect.

What to Do to Protect Your Loved Ones

If you feel that a loved one is being harmed while in a long-term care facility, contact Attorney Group for Arkansas to be put in contact with nursing home neglect lawyers who can work to rectify your living situation or pursue compensation for damages as a result of nursing home neglect.

Have Questions? Nursing Home Neglect Lawyers Can Help

Despite the government shutdown, the nursing home neglect lawyers affiliated with Attorney Group for Arkansas still want to protect the rights of nursing home residents. If you or someone you love are in a nursing home and you have questions about your legal rights or if you feel that your loved ones are becoming neglected due to the shutdown or other factor, contact Attorney Group for Arkansas for a free, no-obligation consultation. We will connect you with affiliated nursing home neglect lawyers who can handle your case and work to obtain the best possible outcome for your family’s situation.