Traumatic Brain Injury Study Affects Arkansas Patients

Traumatic Brain Injury- ArkansasTraumatic brain injury studies can affect Arkansas as scientists and physicians are learning more about what it is, who is at risk and what should be done in the case of brain damage.

Study Shows Mild Traumatic Brain Injury Effects Last Longer Than Previously Thought

Newcastle University, in the United Kingdom, published a study in the journal Neurology, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology. Forty-four patients with mild traumatic brain injury and 9 with moderate injury were compared to 33 uninjured persons.

Researchers compared the three groups six days after their injuries and then again one year later on a special MRI called a diffusion tensor imaging scan. The study demonstrated that the injured persons still showed functional damage within their brains after the year had passed.

NFL Football Players and TBI Lawsuit

National Football League players and former players with head injuries have settled their claims against the NFL. More than 4,500 players joined in a claim to receive compensation for traumatic head injuries and damages from the injuries.

The players claimed that the NFL put the players in harm’s way by insisting they continue to play regardless of obvious head injuries. Players have suffered from suicide, severe memory loss, mental health issues and dementia among other problems.

Former players have separately filed suit against the NFL Players Association seeking medical monitoring and monetary compensation for chronic injuries, financial losses and expenses because of the conduct of the NFLPA. Players may participate in both the NFL settlement and the NFLPA lawsuit.

Arkansas Department of Health Gives Online Guidelines

The Arkansas Department of Health website has the latest guidelines for traumatic brain injury. There is also a web link to the U.S. Centers for Disease Control and Prevention “Heads Up” mobile phone app for both Android and iPhones that provides instant, on the scene information.

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