Hot Springs Woman Killed After Truck Crashes Into Her Bedroom

Truck CrashA Hot Springs woman was killed early Tuesday morning, August 20th. She was sitting in her bedroom watching television when a truck crashed inside her house and killed her instantly. The man driving the car was allegedly driving recklessly at the time of the accident. It is reported that he ran through a stop sign before losing control of his truck on a gravel yard and running straight into the house’s wall. Everyone in the community has been mourning this loss.

Mary Duke’s daughter-in-law was devastated , stating: “How did this happen? You think you’re safe in your own home and then at 87-years-old, you’re a very active individual and you get killed in your own bed by an out-of-control truck.” The man in question allegedly fled the scene. While he was eventually picked up by the police, his actions are reminiscent of many other hit and run situations. Toxicology tests are still ongoing and it is not known whether the suspect will be arrested or charged with a crime. Contacting a wrongful death attorney may be their only way of getting peace, justice, and a rightful compensation.

We often hear of shocking wrongful death stories, but often think that nothing like that could happen to us. That is where people make a mistake. It only takes a second for something unexpected to happen, and that incident could lead to your death or the death of a loved one.

If you know someone who has been affected by a wrongful death situation, it is important to contact a wrongful death attorney. Statistics show that wrongful death due to car accidents of some kind are more common in Arkansas than many other states. That is why Attorney Group for Arkansas has dedicated itself to getting justice for those who suffer a loss in such horrible circumstances.

When faced with a wrongful death in Arkansas, it is important to know that the law is behind you. There are legal systems in place that work to make sure that those who are negligent will pay via monetary compensation. A wrongful death attorney will study the case and strive to make the best recommendation to you and your family.

Going through the experience of a loved one being taken away by a wrongful death can be very painful. However, it is important not to let grief cloud your judgment. Seeking the rightful compensation and justice for a wrongful death in Arkansas is very important, which is why you should contact Attorney Group for Arkansas as soon as possible.