Arkansas Blood Clot Lawsuit Attorneys

Arkansas Blood Clot Lawsuit Attorneys

Across the country, hundreds of DVT lawsuits are now being filed by individuals who allege they were harmed after taking drugs like Yaz, Yasmin or other birth control products, and believe those drugs were the cause. These individuals claim to have been unaware that they were at risk for developing serious injuries, including a medical condition known as deep vein thrombosis (DVT). DVT is a condition in which blood clots develop in different parts of the body. An individual can suffer tremendously when one of these blood clots breaks loose and travels to the lungs, resulting in a pulmonary embolism. Arkansas blood clot lawsuit attorneys are available to help you with DVT lawsuits and answer questions you may have regarding these lawsuits.

Arkansas blood clot lawsuit attorneys can assess your case and investigate it. Perhaps you believed that these drugs would truly help you to lead a healthier and safer lifestyle. You had no idea that you could be at risk for suffering from DVT after taking prescription drugs. DVT lawsuits should be filed when you feel that you have been wronged in this manner, and Arkansas blood clot lawsuit attorneys are here to help you stand up for your legal rights. You have every right to seek compensation when you have suffered injuries that were caused the dangerous side effects of defective medical products.

The Causes of Deep Vein Thrombosis

There can be other causes of DVT, such as a poor diet or lack of exercise. However, the majority of DVT lawsuits that are now being filed across the country involve patients who were taking prescription drugs alleged to have adverse effects resulting in DVT. It may be the case that drug manufacturers were fully aware that certain birth control pills and products had the potential to cause DVT and yet failed to warn patients of the risks associated with consumption of the pills.

When one is suffering from DVT, there are certain symptoms that he or she may suffer. These symptoms can include sharp abdominal pain, chest pain, headaches, eye problems and severe leg pain. When one suffers from any of these adverse side effects after taking drugs like Yasmin, she should get in touch with a medical professional. It is also important for one to  medically document the adverse effects she has suffered.

Claiming Damages When You Have Suffered

There are multiple forms of damages that you may be able to receive as a result of being injured after taking defective and unreasonably dangerous drugs. You may be able to claim damages that include medical expenses, pain and suffering, loss of wages, and damages to cover any surgeries that you have required. If you have been unable to go to work due to your DVT issues, then you should speak with Arkansas blood clot lawsuit attorneys in regards to calculating a total amount of damages for your case. Arkansas blood clot lawsuit attorneys are experienced in calculating damages for those who have suffered as a result of consuming Yasmin and other birth control pills.  Arkansas blood clot lawsuit attorneys also know how to proceed in assisting you in the filing of DVT lawsuits.

Get Help from Arkansas DVT Lawyers Today

Arkansas blood clot lawsuit attorneys are available to help you, and you can get in touch with by contacting Attorney Group for Arkansas. Arkansas blood clot lawsuit attorneys will assist you throughout this process and will investigate your case. Attorney Group for Arkansas wants women to know their legal rights, and to get connected so they can get on the path to recovering.  You do not have to feel like you are alone in this process. So contact Attorney Group for Arkansas today for your free consultation.