Arkansas GranuFlo Lawsuit Attorneys

Arkansas GranuFlo Lawsuit AttorneysIn early 2012, the Food and Drug Administration stated that reports have surfaced that the use of GranuFlo could possibly be the cause of some dialysis patients suffering high serum bicarbonate levels. High levels have caused a serious drop in blood pressure, as well as cardiac arrhythmia, which could lead to cardiac arrest. Some patients have died due to the high serum bicarbonate levels, leading some victims’ families to file GranuFlo lawsuits against the manufacturer in the belief that GranuFlo was the direct cause. Arkansas GranuFlo lawsuit attorneys want Arkansas residents to be aware of important information regarding GranuFlo.


Fresenius and The Issues Regarding GranuFlo

Evidence has been presented showing that the company that manufactures GranuFlo, Fresenius, knew of the potential dangers, but did not notify customers that the risk of high serum bicarbonate level existed, according to reports. In November 2011, Fresenius allegedly issued an internal memo notifying clinics within their network of the problem with GranuFlo being used improperly, including the fact that a patient could die due to low blood pressure and cardiac arrest. It was only after the FDA received a copy of the internal correspondence and urged Fresenius to release a warning to consumers that the German-based company released a statement warning of the safety risks involved with using GranuFlo.

GranuFlo contains acetic acid, acetate or citrate, information that healthcare providers were allegedly not told when they purchased the product. Because the chemicals become bicarbonate in the human body, pH in body tissue elevates, causing a condition known as metabolic alkalosis. There is a 45 percent mortality rate in patients with a pH of 7.55, while mortality rates rise to 80 percent if pH levels rise above 7.65, say medical professionals.

Arkansas GranuFlo Lawsuit Attorneys

Attorneys, including Arkansas GranuFlo lawsuit attorneys, are alleging fault on the part of Fresenius on the grounds that they did notify clinics included in their own network of dialysis centers, but claimed they had no way of notifying non-network consumers. According to reports, over 900 people have died after receiving GranuFlo during dialysis, leading to more than 300 lawsuits throughout the country alleging fault on the part of GranuFlo. The lawsuits allege that Fresenius knew, or should have known, the dangers the product posed to patients. As information is released regarding the knowledge that Fresenius allegedly had of the potential dangers, Arkansas GranuFlo lawsuit attorneys expect more consumers to come forward with claims.

The issue with GranuFlo dangers goes far beyond Arkansas as there have been lawsuits filed throughout the United States. With more than 300 lawsuits nationwide, it is apparent there are serious concerns regarding the adequacy with which Fresenius notified patients who used GranuFlo of the possible dangers from using the drug. Addtionally, because Fresenius allegedly did not inform healthcare providers of the chemicals included in the product, some may have mixed the product with acid concentrate unknowingly, which led to the drop in blood pressure. This drop in blood pressure could lead to cardiac arrhythmia, which, in some cases, led to the death of the patient where the GranuFlo was used. If Fresenius neglected to inform clinics of the contents of the product, they may ultimately be responsible for the misuse of their product.

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