Arkansas Pradaxa Lawsuits

If you are one of the hundreds of people in the United States suffering from the extreme side effects of Pradaxa, or if you have a family member who has died or been seriously injured or ill due to taking Pradaxa, you need to be informed of your options regarding Arkansas Pradaxa lawsuits.

Arkansas Pradaxa Lawsuits

The drug Pradaxa, upon its approval by the Food and Drug Administration in 2010, was hailed as a revolutionary anticoagulant drug that could compete with Warfarin, the predominant anticoagulant for over 50 years at the time. Pradaxa is a prescription blood-thinning medicine that is prescribed to people who have atrial fibrillation that is not caused by a heart valve problem. Over 2.6 million Americans have this possibly fatal condition. The drug Pradaxa is said to reduce the risk of stroke in these patients by thinning the blood, thus hindering the body’s ability to form blood clots.

The release of Pradaxa as a positive, beneficial blood-thinning drug was not greeted with enthusiasm or encouragement by everyone in the industry or in the medical profession. The side effects of Pradaxa were initially billed as similar to those of Warfarin. All anticoagulants are recognized as having bleeding as a possible side effect, so the risks with Pradaxa were accepted by the FDA as equal to those of Warfarin. Even so, many in the pharmaceutical industry expressed concern that Pradaxa was rushed to the market very quickly, and that the drug didn’t have enough information or testing for possible severe side effects. Less than a year after its release, an unusually high number of cases of dangerous bleeding and even deaths in patients taking Pradaxa were reported, and in that same year of 2011 the FDA released a statement that Pradaxa may be more likely to cause life threatening bleeding than other drugs used for anticoagulant purposes.

Many medical scholars and professionals maintain that Pradaxa’s manufacturer failed to provide sufficient details and warnings of the severity of the drug’s side effects before its release to the market. In March of 2012 the Journal of the American College of Cardiology conducted a comparative study of patients taking Pradaxa and the same number of patients taking the alternative, Warfarin. The findings were alarming: the patients taking Pradaxa had over twice the bleeding rate of the Warfarin group, and six times the major bleeding rate. Also, excessive bleeding caused by Warfarin or similar blood-thinning drugs can be treated with a large dose of Vitamin K, whereas with Pradaxa, according to the findings there is no treatment for hemorrhaging. The study concluded that Pradaxa patients had a considerably higher risk of complications from the drug than a comparable treatment with Warfarin. These findings are equally alarming to the attorneys associated with the Arkansas Pradaxa Lawsuits.

Arkansas Pradaxa Lawsuits

The attorneys working with Arkansas Pradaxa lawsuits have been continually educating themselves and monitoring the various studies and developments with Pradaxa, and want you to know that they can help you with any legal claims that you may have as a result of taking Pradaxa. Arkansas Pradaxa attorneys want to assist you in holding the drug’s maker, Boehringer Ingelheim, accountable and responsible for any defects or danger associated with Pradaxa, and for any pain, suffering, and emotional turmoil that the drug’s effects have caused. If you have taken Pradaxa, or if you have a relative that has taken Pradaxa, and you have experienced unusual or unexpected negative side effects, please contact the attorneys working with Arkansas Pradaxa lawsuits. These attorneys can help you pursue legal proceedings to help compensate for medical bills and other financial and emotional burdens that the drug has caused. In the state of Arkansas, a drug manufacturer may be liable for an injury caused by a drug if the manufacturer failed to inform or warn the patient of potential side effects or dangers of the drug. Many professionals in the legal and the medical arena believe this may be the case with Pradaxa. Attorney Group for Arkansas urges you to discuss all of your options with them so that you are aware of your best course of action.


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