Arkansas Apex ARC Hip Replacement System Lawsuit

Arkansas Apex ARC Hip Replacement System Lawsuit

Have you been injured after receiving an Apex ARC hip implant? Have you considered an Arkansas Apex ARC Hip Replacement System Lawsuit? Get the facts on the recent lawsuit against OMNI Life Science, a subsidiary of Orthopaedic Synergy, filed in Massachusetts.

The Apex ARC Hip Replacement System

In 2012, OMNI Life Science marketed its modular hip system for patients needing a permanent solution to their ailing hips. OMNI Life Science’s ARC system, a chromium and cobalt ball connecting to a titanium stem, is a metal-on-metal design. This hip system has been considered comparable to modular hips offered by DePuy and Strkyer, which have been involved in civil litigation.

OMNI’s ARC system works by fitting the patient with a metal ball inside a titanium stem, resembling the femur. If a patient’s hip replacement is successful, he or she would get performance from a modular hip similar to a real hip. The ARC system helped physicians make a custom fit, copying a patient’s bone particulars and adapting the ball-and-socket fit to resemble normal motion.

Your OMNI Arkansas Apex ARC Hip Replacement System Lawsuit, if applicable, could involve health effects, medical bills, and pain and suffering caused by the malfunction or design problems of a modular hip. Damages might include past, present, and future medical bills and other effects on your life.

The need for OMNI Arkansas Apex ARC Hip Replacement System Lawsuits became apparent when a patient in Florida sued OMNI in June 2014. Her physician determined her ARC hip system caused her to develop a fibrotic and necrotic pseudo tumor and dangerous buildup of chromium, cobalt, and titanium in the blood. Her complaint alleges OMNI ignored the flaws in the artificial hip system, which led to its early failure.

Before filing your own Arkansas Apex ARC Hip Replacement System Lawsuit, keep in mind that the ARC is one of many artificial hip systems using metal-on-metal construction that has been subject to product liability scrutiny. Metal-on-metal design has been known in lawsuits to cause unnecessary discomfort to some patients. Examples include pain, metal buildup in the blood, the need for further surgeries, bone deterioration, joint loosening or dislocation, and arthritis. Such symptoms should not be the result of an artificial hip’s design flaws because they inflict unnecessary suffering on patients.

Arkansas Apex ARC Hip Replacement System Lawsuit

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