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We use thousands of products daily with relative safety and ease. Arkansas Dangerous Drugs attorneys are many times the buffer between the consumer and the manufacturer being responsible for the safety of those consumers. Unfortunately, if the drug or supplement you take is defective, you can be critically injured. Drug and supplement manufacturers could be held responsible for sale of defective drugs, products, and devices. A drug manufacturer’s responsibility is to ensure that consumers receive a safe product. It is their job to create, test, manufacture, and deliver a product appropriately. Proving drug manufacturer responsibility for defective products can be costly and complicated because of the expert testimony and knowledge of the pharmacology that these cases require. Attorney Group for Arkansas has partnered with Arkansas dangerous drug attorneys. We can match you with the right lawyer.

Why are so many defective and dangerous drugs available? Drug manufacturers have been pressuring the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA), who is responsible for testing and approving each drug available to us in this country, for a less strict testing process and faster approvals.

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Even the FDA itself admits that not all major adverse drug reactions are documented before the drug is put on the market. The safety profile for new drugs put on the market is never totally determined because new drugs are examined in homogenous and relatively small patient populations. As alarming as it sounds, a new drug’s final safety profile comes after it has been approved and while it is being used by the public.

Of course there is always the classic report of those corporations who put profits over people. The pharmaceutical industry is a multi-billion dollar field and it is such a fierce competition to put a new drug on the market. Unfortunately, there are some companies that have gone so far as to hide evidence from the FDA so they can get a drug approved.

The attorneys at Attorney Group for Arkansas are constantly looking to protect our clients from potentially harmful drugs. Contact our dedicated legal team if you or a loved one have been injured by a defective drug so that we can start using our resources and knowledge to get you the settlement you deserve.