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When you pay your monthly insurance premiums, you expect your insurance company to be there when unexpected, costly misfortunes happen to you or your family. You certainly do not expect to be faced with unreasonable denials, unfair delays or insufficient payments. When your insurance company is not fulfilling their obligations, contact Attorney Group for Arkansas today and let us match you with experienced insurance attorneys who will put their skilled legal services to work to defend your rights. Insurance is such an important thing to have, and although we hope to never have to use it, most will need it at least once in their lives. When any type of insurance is purchased, essentially a legal contract is being entered into and that contract requires insurance companies to be there when you need them. When something happens that your insurance covers, it is certainly not unreasonable for you to expect sufficient compensation without frustrating delays. When you pay your monthly insurance premiums, you are entitled to benefits when you have insurance claims that are legitimately-covered.

Unfortunately, many times an insurance company will not act in good faith. Because insurance claims cost the insurance company money, insurance policies are filled with loopholes and exclusions that cause frustrating delays and interpretations that allows companies to deny claims or avoid paying benefits in full. When your insurance company refuses to pay your claim or makes you an unfair settlement offer, our affiliated insurance attorneys might be able to help with their experience with varying kinds of insurance disputes.


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It is required by law that everyone has to have a minimum amount of protection coverage for personal injury within your auto insurance policy. This is meant to ensure that your medical costs and wages lost are paid in the event of a car accident. Unfortunately, sometimes an insurance company elects not to pay medical expenses or income lost that is supposed to be covered with the insurance policy. When you have our affiliated insurance claims attorneys on your side, they will work to help get you the coverage to which you are entitled.

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When misfortunes such as an accident, illness, property damage, or wrongful death happen to your family, you have enough to deal with emotionally and physically. The last thing you want to deal with is an insurance company practicing bad faith. Contact Attorney Group for Arkansas so our affiliated insurance attorneys can help you get the coverage you deserve.