Arkansas Negligent Security Attorneys

Negligent Security

It is the obligation of property owners as well as property managers to keep their properties reasonably safe. If you have suffered injuries while on someone else’s property, negligent security laws may be asserted. You have a right to seek justice and take action when you are assaulted. Contact Attorney Group for Arkansas today so we can match you with one of our affiliated negligent security attorneys who are experienced in successfully handling negligent security cases and who will thoroughly investigate your claim and seek a just outcome. They will carefully examine security camera and surveillance videos, interview all possible witnesses, and collect any evidence to build your negligent security case.

Several types of crimes such as assault and battery, robbery, gunshots, sexual assaults, among many others can be committed on many different kinds of properties. Common places where people are often attacked and hurt because of negligent security include the following: Office buildings, shopping malls/plazas, apartment complexes, parking garages, and hotels. Our compassionate lawyers understand how difficult attacks due to negligent security can be. Even if the property owner claims to not have known about the potential hazard, our affiliated negligent security attorneys can help by working to prove the owner of the property should have known about the possible danger and prevented it from happening with proper security measures.

Responsibilities of Property and Business Owners


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Anyone who invites customers or guests onto their property has responsibilities for those people’s safety. In some situations, it is the duty of business and property owners to protect customers or guests from criminal acts that are foreseeable. It is a requirement of business owners to be aware of crime that has happened before in the area. If it is an area where significant criminal activities have happened in the past, sufficient security such as proper lighting must be provided by the property owner. It is also a property owner’s responsibility to make sure there are not safety hazards present on their property.

Arkansas Negligent Security Attorneys

If you or a loved one has been hurt because of negligent security on someone’s property, let our skilled lawyers help you take back control of your situation and make the property owner accountable for your injuries due to their lack of security. Our dedicated attorneys have the needed resources and knowledge to help recover monetary compensation for your physical and emotional injuries from an unfortunate incident that involves negligent security. Contact Attorney Group for Arkansas today to discuss your negligent security case.