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Brain Injury

A traumatic brain injury (TBI) occurs when there is a sudden physical damage to the brain. If the head forcefully hits an object, damage may be caused, or if something passes through the skull and pierces the brain, a TBI may occur. One of the major causes of traumatic brain injuries are motor vehicle accidents, especially car accidents. However, traumatic brain injuries, as well as other head injuries, can also be caused by violent crimes, falls, sports injuries, and child abuse. Arkansas brain injury attorneys can represent victims of any of the aforementioned circumstances, if they are deemed eligible in a free, no obligation consultation.

Over 400,000 people are brought to the hospital each year to treat a head injury. About three-quarters of those head injuries are diagnosed with suffering a mild to moderate injury, which are injuries that can be persistent, subtle, and possibly long term. The ill effects of the brain damage are usually greatest immediately following the head injury. However, long-term problems are difficult to determine because of the complex nature of the human brain. Communication and cognitive problems that result from a brain injury vary with each person, and depend on factors such as pre-injury skills, individual personality and the severity of the trauma to the brain. Arkansas brain injury attorneys want to get you compensated for the pain and suffering to which you have been subjected.

Symptoms of a Traumatic Brain Injury

Arkansas Brain Injury Attorneys

For Arkansas brain injury attorneys, the most challenging aspect of representing a traumatic brain injury victim is that, in many TBI cases, symptoms are often misunderstood. Common symptoms include loss of memory, impulsive behavior, changes in personality, loss of smell and taste, impaired perception, decreased concentration abilities, hearing and balance disorders, concussions, cognitive fatigue, seizures, and comas.

Unfortunately, many symptoms of a TBI do not have outward physical manifestations. Because of this, many TBI survivors do not receive appropriate treatment and care for the subsequent disabilities that follow a TBI, including cognitive, physical, social and psychological impairments. For a brain injury victim to receive maximum damages, an experienced personal injury lawyer with a complete understanding of traumatic brain injuries is required.

Arkansas Brain Injury Attorneys

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