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Dogs are among the most common of pets in the United States, with most pet owners being responsible in ensuring their pet does not bring harm to others. Unfortunately, there are cases where a dog owner becomes careless and fails to properly restrain their pets, leading to severe dog attack injuries. Dogs attack all sizes of people, but the majority of animal attack victims are kids. Traumatic dog bites are the cause of most emergency room visits over any other child activity, even burn injuries. Serious laceration injuries can lead to dangerous infections along with other severe issues.

Dog attacks can be expensive and consumers’ costs are estimated to be over $2 billion dollars each year. Astonishingly, at least sixty-one percent of dog attacks happen within their own homes, or in their very own neighborhoods. Thus, it is not just unfamiliar dogs that bite. It can be an animal known well to the victim; therefore, the victim does not assume there is any danger. A child who was attacked by a dog owned by a neighbor or friend can be problematic on several levels. You typically do not want to sue neighbors, friends, or family members. This can pose a tough spot to be in as medical bills along with emotional scars become a hindrance that needs to be addressed. Many of these injuries are covered under dog owners and homeowners insurance policies, but in order to get the most financial recovery, you will need experienced lawyers on your side who are familiar with dog bite laws in Arkansas. Contact Arkansas Attorney Group so we can match you with knowledgeable dog bite lawyers to discuss your case.

Important Steps to Take After Suffering a Dog Bite Attack

When a person is hurt in a dog attack, they are often times shattered emotionally, feel vulnerable and usually have a degree of physical disfigurement. While you are recovering from your attack, you will want to have skilled legal representation on your side who can prove your case. There are a few steps you should follow to help your case. First, seek medical attention immediately following the attack even if you think your injury is minor. Untreated animal bites or scratches can lead to serious infections or diseases, which could result in an amputation if left untreated. You need to determine who the dog owner is and gather their contact information. The owner or the person responsible for the dog needs to get the animal secured. You also need to identify the insurance company who may provide potential coverage. In some situations, your own insurance company may provide coverage for your injuries. File a complaint with the local animal control agent who can determine if the dog has a record of prior attacks. It is also important to save any evidence. Gather contact information from any witnesses and take photographs of the wounds and the scene of the accident if possible. Do not wash your clothing or shoes worn at the time of the accident; store them separately in sealed containers. These items can be a tremendous help in determining damages and liability in your potential dog attack lawsuit.

Dog Bite Attorneys of Arkansas

If you or a loved one are a victim of a dog bite attack, contact Arkansas Attorney Group today. Our affiliated dog bite lawyers will help determine the amount of damages to recover and will work hard to see that you get the settlement you deserve.