Arkansas Premises Liability Attorneys

Arkansas Premises Liability Attorneys

One of the most important responsibilities a property owner has is to adequately manage their property to provide a safe environment to protect others from the risk of injury. When property owners fail to uphold this responsibility and others suffer an injury as a result, they could be held liable. Premises liability claims are claims against property owners who are negligent. If you have suffered an injury because of property owner negligence, contact the experienced Arkansas Premises Liability Attorneys. Premises liability claims can include:

  • Injuries due to falling objects
  • Slip and fall injuries
  • Collapse of structures like balconies and deck
  • Electrocution, explosions and fire injuries
  • Falls in stairwells
  • Accidents in elevators
  • Accidents at swimming pools
  • Handrails that are faulty
  • Sidewalk or parking lot injuries
  • Inadequate security
  • Sexual assault at churches, daycare or schools
  • Accidents in movie theatres
  • Neglect or abuse by caregivers
  • Dog Bites
  • Injuries at nightclubs
  • Rental properties that are not safe
  • Injuries on construction sites
  • Accidents while incarcerated
  • Law enforcement inflicted injuries
  • Injuries at work

Landlords, business owners, and private property owners have a responsibility to ensure safe surroundings for their guests and customers. If they fail this duty and someone suffers an injury because they were negligent, they can be held liable.

Arkansas premises liability Attorneys

Premises liability claims can be complex, and defendants could be major corporations who have top defense attorneys on their side. You will need an experienced law firm who can defend against those attorneys to ensure you are protected under law to the fullest extent and gain the compensation you deserve. You can rely on our lawyers to make a strong case for you. Our Arkansas Premises Liability Attorneys will fight for full compensation for current, past and future expenses for medical bills, wages lost and pain and suffering. If you have suffered from a premises liability or negligent security situation, call Arkansas Premises Liability Attorneys today or fill out a contact form now.