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Train Accidents

Even though passengers traveling by trains has decreased in the United States, trains are still highly used for a low cost, high volume mode of shipping cargo and freight around the country. They still pose a threat, however, to pedestrians because the railroad tracks are built through towns and cut across major intersections in highly-populated areas. Train accidents are estimated to happen at rates of once every 90 minutes in the United States. This happens despite efforts to curb railroad accidents with higher railway personnel standards and improved equipment. Because trains can travel at speeds over 100 miles per hour, sudden slowdowns or stops can cause falls and injuries due to the train’s momentum. When a train wreck happens, the consequences can be devastating and the injuries are often serious or fatal, resulting in the need for Arkansas Train Accident Attorneys.

If you or a loved one is a victim of a train accident, Arkansas train accident attorneys can help. To properly prepare a train accident case, substantial investigative work is usually required. To determine and prove liability and damages, it is necessary to gather and analyze evidence. Experts such as accident reconstructionists and engineers may need to be hired. The emotional, physical, and financial burdens on a victim of a train accident can be overwhelming. Contact us to see if your claim is valid so we can take the financial burden off your shoulders.

Common Reasons for Train Wrecks

Many train accidents happen at train crossings. Train collisions usually occur with vehicles, pedestrians, and bicycles. Other kinds of train accidents include crashes with another train, hazardous material spills, and derailments. While we appreciate the attempts to reduce train accidents, they unfortunately still occur and many train wrecks could be prevented with better safety standards, proper track maintenance, and better management of crossings.

The following are common examples of causes of train wrecks and injuries:


  • Arkansas Train Accident Attorneys

    Conductor fatigue and error

  • Unprotected railroad crossings
  • Brakeman fatigue and error
  • Hazardous materials spills
  • Mechanical failures
  • Insufficient track maintenance
  • Defects in trains or tracks
  • Excessive speeds

A train company may be held liable for resulting injuries if a train accident was preventable and proper precautions were not taken by companies in charge.

Arkansas Train Accident Attorneys

Arkansas train accident attorneys will investigate why the accident occurred and determine who was at fault. The responsible parties could include the owner of the track, the owner of the train, the driver of another vehicle, the train manufacturer, the equipment manufacturer, the maintenance company, among others. Before we file a lawsuit, our affiliated Arkansas train accident attorneys will investigate the accident and resulting injuries. They will secure evidence and locate witnesses. Your injuries and losses will be carefully considered to make a claim for the amount of compensation you deserve. Damages could include past medical expenses, future medical costs, lost income, impaired earning capacity, pain and suffering and disabilities. Our affiliated Arkansas train attorneys will diligently fight to protect your rights and help you get the justice you deserve.