California Plane Crash Causes Airshow to Cancel

California GM Recall UpdateOn May 4, 2014, a Stearman biplane crashed at the Travis Air Force Base during the Thunder Over Solano Air Show in Fairfield, California, killing the 77-year-old pilot, according to the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). Thousands of people attending the show were asked to leave as local emergency responders reported to the scene of the California plane crash.

According to the official Facebook page of Travis Air Force Base, the air show was canceled due to the crash. The message also informed readers that guests should comply with instructions to exit and that Security Forces requests individuals to provide video and photo footage, if available, of the crash to help with the investigation. Eyewitness video and pictures on Instagram and Twitter caught the smoky aftermath of the plane crash, showing fire engines rushing to the scene amid thick black smoke.

NBC Bay Area reported that the 77-year-old pilot was in the middle of perming an acrobatic aerial maneuver known as “cutting the ribbon,” a stunt that the pilot had reportedly done many times before. The pilot was an experienced and decorated man and was inducted into the International Council of Air Shows Hall of Fame in 2013. According to witnesses, something terrible happened in the low-flying move, as the plane appeared to fly into the ground while upside down. It was several minutes before flames spread from the rear section toward the front of the plane.

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