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Judge's Gavel | California Medical Malpractice Lawyer

State Law May Limit the Amount of Compensation Plaintiffs Receive

A California medical malpractice lawyer notes that a jury award of more than $1.5 million may be lowered due to a state law limiting pain and suffering awards […]

Boat Crash | California Boat Accident Attorney

Whale-Watching Boat Crash Sends Three People to Hospital

A California boat accident attorney notes that the crew of a whale-watching boat said a stuck throttle is to blame for a crash that injured at least seven […]

Wrecked Car | California Car Accident Attorney

Driver Suspected of DUI in Fatal California Freeway Crash

A California car accident attorney notes that authorities believe alcohol was a factor in a two-car crash that occurred in the carpool lane of a California freeway and […]

Big Rig | California Big Rig Accident

Multiple Car Crash in California Sends One Person to Hospital

A California big rig accident lawyer notes that a chain-reaction accident allegedly initiated by a semi-trailer dump truck in California damaged four vehicles and left one victim injured. […]

Passenger Train | California Train Accident Attorney

Mudslide Causes California Train Derailment-Nine Injured

A California train accident attorney notes that nine passengers were injured when a mudslide swept trees onto the tracks causing a train carrying two hundred passengers to derail. […]

Injured Construction Worker | Electrocution Injury

Electrocution Injury Proves Fatal For California Utility Worker

An electrocution injury took the life of a California utility worker after he came in contact with live wires while he was working on a power line. Witness […]

A Bus with Fire Damage | California Bus Accident Attorney

Bus Death Leads to Lawsuit Against Multiple Defendants

A California bus accident attorney notes that a bus company, a commercial trucking company, two drivers and the U.S. Department of Justice are among the defendants facing accusations […]

Brain Scan Image | California Brain Injury Attorney

Study: Traumatic Brain Injury And Alzheimer’s May Be Linked

A California brain injury attorney notes a study that suggests the development of the abnormal protein growths associated with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia may be linked to the […]

E-Cigarette | California Burn Injury Attorney

Burn Victims File Lawsuits Against E-Cig Makers

A California Burn Injury Attorney has filed a lawsuit on behalf of burn victims who claim that an exploding e-cigarette battery caused them to suffer serious injuries.  One […]

Semi Truck Crash
Carmen Sorvillo/iStock/Thinkstock

California Semi Truck Crash Claims Two Lives

Trucking accident attorneys note that two people were killed in a California semi truck crash on September 15, 2015. The accident occurred when a semi truck driver plowed […]