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Man Looking Worried | Wright Hip Replacement Lawsuit

Man Awarded Millions In Wright Hip Replacement Lawsuit

A jury has awarded millions of dollars to a plaintiff in a Wright hip replacement lawsuit. It was alleged that the man suffered serious injuries after receiving a […]

Recalled hip replacement

How Do You Know if You Have a Recalled Hip Replacement?

Perhaps you’ve had a conversation with a friend or a family member who has had a hip replacement. The discussion may have turned toward the type of hip […]

California-Types of Hip Replacements

Biomet Settlement Progress Affects California Lawsuits

In February 2014, a settlement was announced that addressed more than 2,400 Biomet hip complaints previously filed in U.S. District Court for the Northern District of Indiana. Federal […]

California-Types of Hip Replacements

Hip Implant Lawsuits Update in California

The trial for a hip implant lawsuit involving DePuy Pinnacle artificial hips began with lawyers in the case offering opening statements. The case is being heard in a […]

California-Types of Hip Replacements

Metal on Metal Hip Implants: 7 Frequently Asked Questions in California

Attorney Group for California has created a list of some of the most frequently asked questions regarding metal on metal hip implants and lawsuits filed against them. If […]

California-Mesh Lawsuits-Endo

Are Medical Device Recalls in California Preventable?

According to experts, the opinion as to whether medical device recalls are preventable differs greatly depending on the source. While some believe that eliminating recalls is not possible […]

California-Types of Hip Replacements

Injured? A California Apex Arc Hip System Attorney Can Help

Apex Arc Hip System Comes Under Scrutiny In August 2010, DePuy Orthpaedics, a division of the Johnson & Johnson Corporation, recalled two of their hip replacement systems. Many […]

California-Types of Hip Replacements

Hip Implant Failure and Other Things to Know About Hip Implants

Statistics indicate that hip replacement procedures are one of the most commonly performed surgeries in the U.S. More than 332,000 artificial hip devices are implanted in patients each […]

California-Types of Hip Replacements

Types of Hip Replacements

Attorney Group for California can discuss potential claims on behalf of patients who were fitted with metal-on-metal hip implant devices and later suffered from complications such as pain, […]