Hip Implant Failure and Other Things to Know About Hip Implants

California-Hip Implant FailureStatistics indicate that hip replacement procedures are one of the most commonly performed surgeries in the U.S. More than 332,000 artificial hip devices are implanted in patients each year. However, thousands of patients have allegedly suffered from complications such as hip implant failure, which may have resulted in the need to undergo additional revision procedures to correct the complications caused by the devices.

Who Should Get a Hip Implant?

While there are several types of artificial hip implants including all-ceramic, all-metal, metal-on-ceramic and metal and plastic, not every patient may be a good candidate for each type of device. Some types of hip replacements may be more resistant to wear than others, making them more suitable for younger patients or those with a more active lifestyle.

In general, however, a patient may obtain relief through a hip replacement procedure in California f he or she is struggling to perform daily activities such as walking, bending or moving. Conditions such as arthritis or bone fractures may also cause pain, swelling and complications when moving, so these individuals may also benefit from the procedure.

How Much Does Surgery Cost?

The Journal of the American Medical Association conducted a study in which researchers determined that the average cost of a hip replacement procedure can fall anywhere between $11,000 and $125,000. Unfortunately, due to such a wide range in cost depending upon the area in which the surgery is performed, the type of hip implant and other factors, analysts have not yet determined the actual average cost of these procedures.

A patient can expect to remain in the hospital for three to five days after he or she receives an artificial hip device, although if he or she is suffering from complications, a full recovery may not be possible until three to six months after the initial procedure. In some cases, patients may experience symptoms of hip implant failure and may be required to undergo revision surgeries to correct the issues or replace the device.

Are There Lawsuits in the U.S.?

As a result of the potential complications experienced by recipients throughout the U.S., thousands of patients have begun to seek legal counsel to learn more about their rights. Several manufacturers including DePuy, Stryker, Biomet, Wright and Zimmer have been named as defendants in lawsuits, and plaintiffs claim that these companies’ products caused them to suffer from hip implant failure, pain, swelling, limited mobility, infections and other adverse side effects.

Several settlements have been reached by DePuy and Stryker, but those who are currently suffering from complications may still be entitled to seek compensation for their injuries. Contact an attorney today to learn more about your rights.

Consider Filing a Hip Implant Failure Lawsuit in California

Attorney Group for California provides free case evaluations to artificial hip recipients who feel they are suffering or have suffered from hip implant failure. Contact us today to help you determine if you are able to recover damages in California for your injuries. We can connect you with an affiliated attorney in California who handles hip implant failure lawsuits, and he or she can handle your claim and assist you throughout the legal process.