Hip Implant Lawsuits Update in California

California- Hip Implant LawsuitsThe trial for a hip implant lawsuit involving DePuy Pinnacle artificial hips began with lawyers in the case offering opening statements. The case is being heard in a Texas federal court and includes over 6,000 consolidated cases filed around the country. Patients who received the Pinnacle hip implants have sued for complications such as pain, blood poisoning and infections.

Some cases involving Depuy’s ASR hip implants were consolidated and assigned to an Ohio federal court. Other cases are still pending in state courts in California. In an early case that went to trial for an ASR hip implant, a Los Angeles, California jury awarded a plaintiff $8.3 million for injuries he suffered after hip implant surgery. Another case involving a Depuy implant was set to go to trial in San Francisco, California, but the parties settled out of court.

Hip implant lawsuits filed by patients over the Stryker Rejuvenate implant continue to move forward. A New Jersey Superior Court judge consolidated hundreds of hip implant lawsuits filed against the company since August 2012. Approximately 1,700 lawsuits have been consolidated and assigned to federal court in Minnesota.

Lawsuits involving Stryker’s other hip implants, such as the ABG II and Accolade will also be consolidated with cases involving Rejuvenate implants. Both Stryker implant types reportedly have the potential to release metal debris into the blood stream and cause pain, swelling and damage to tissue in the area of the implant. Some early injury cases went to mediation about a year ago and could be settled soon.

A U.K. company selling hip implants in the United States, Smith & Nephew, voluntarily recalled metal liners they were using in their hip implants. The company did so after finding out just over one and a half percent of patients receiving the implants later needed revision surgery. No settlements have been announced in other cases.

A hip implant recall by Biomet Inc. will result in each patient receiving about $200,000 due to injuries they suffered from the M2a 38 and Magnum hip implants. About 1,600 cases have also already been filed in federal court in Indiana, but a trial date has not yet been set. Biomet was sold to another manufacturer of hip implants, Zimmer. Zimmer set aside a pool of funds to settle hip implant lawsuits. Settlements for the company’s Durom Cup implant are finished, but they are still settling cases for other types of implants made by Zimmer.

Wright Medical Technology has not recalled its Profemur and Conserve brand hip implants. However, a number of people have filed hip implant lawsuits, which were consolidated, in federal court in Georgia. Wright has not yet agreed to settle any claims, and the cases have not yet been set for trial.

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