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Judge's Gavel | California Medical Malpractice Lawyer

State Law May Limit the Amount of Compensation Plaintiffs Receive

A California medical malpractice lawyer notes that a jury award of more than $1.5 million may be lowered due to a state law limiting pain and suffering awards […]

Boat Crash | California Boat Accident Attorney

Whale-Watching Boat Crash Sends Three People to Hospital

A California boat accident attorney notes that the crew of a whale-watching boat said a stuck throttle is to blame for a crash that injured at least seven […]

Wrecked Car | California Car Accident Attorney

Driver Suspected of DUI in Fatal California Freeway Crash

A California car accident attorney notes that authorities believe alcohol was a factor in a two-car crash that occurred in the carpool lane of a California freeway and […]

Flooring Installation | Eternity Floors Lawsuit Attorney

Eternity Floors Claims Products Meet California Standards

An Eternity Floors lawsuit attorney can help people who purchased laminate flooring that may have been contaminated with dangerous levels of formaldehyde. People who have been injured due […]

Big Rig | California Big Rig Accident

Multiple Car Crash in California Sends One Person to Hospital

A California big rig accident lawyer notes that a chain-reaction accident allegedly initiated by a semi-trailer dump truck in California damaged four vehicles and left one victim injured. […]

Passenger Train | California Train Accident Attorney

Mudslide Causes California Train Derailment-Nine Injured

A California train accident attorney notes that nine passengers were injured when a mudslide swept trees onto the tracks causing a train carrying two hundred passengers to derail. […]

A Bus with Fire Damage | California Bus Accident Attorney

Bus Death Leads to Lawsuit Against Multiple Defendants

A California bus accident attorney notes that a bus company, a commercial trucking company, two drivers and the U.S. Department of Justice are among the defendants facing accusations […]

Brain Scan Image | California Brain Injury Attorney

Study: Traumatic Brain Injury And Alzheimer’s May Be Linked

A California brain injury attorney notes a study that suggests the development of the abnormal protein growths associated with Alzheimer’s disease and dementia may be linked to the […]

E-Cigarette | California Burn Injury Attorney

Burn Victims File Lawsuits Against E-Cig Makers

A California Burn Injury Attorney has filed a lawsuit on behalf of burn victims who claim that an exploding e-cigarette battery caused them to suffer serious injuries.  One […]

Firemen Fighting Fire | California Train Accident Attorneys

Hauling Crude Oil May Be Causing Train Tracks To Fail

California train accident attorneys are aware of a report that suggests crude oil train derailments are becoming more common across the U.S., and that track failure has been […]