Deadly Plane Crash in California Claims Two Lives, Including 8 Yr Old Boy

California Deadly Plane CrashDeadly Plane Crash Kills Two

A deadly plane crash in the California, El Mirage Dry Lake has now claimed the lives of both the pilot and passenger. The pilot, 47-year old Brian Lee, served over 25 years as a paramedic with the California Los Angeles Fire Department. Lee died on impact. His passenger, 8-year old Sebastian Joshua Grewal, spent 4 days in emergency care before succumbing to injuries sustained to his head and torso. Lee was a family friend who offered to take Grewal for a plane ride during a camping trip. Sebastian aspired to be a pilot when he grew up.

The cause of the deadly plane crash is currently under investigation. Initial reports state that the single-engine Grumman AA-1A experienced some sort of mechanical failure, nosedived into the ground, and flipped several times before coming to rest. The deadly plane crash is presently under investigation by the Federal Aviation Administration and National Transportation Safety Board.

Legal Liability In Accidents

The legalities surrounding this deadly plane crash in California are going to be under scrutiny once the results of the investigations are released. A mechanical failure can be caused by numerous factors, any of which may create liability for the entity involved. Was it poor maintenance practices? Was it a defective part? Was human error by the pilot a contributing factor? Clarification is necessary for the peace of mind of the surviving families of the victims.

The involvement of legal representation for the families of the victims can provide strong advocacy for finding answers or the expertise needed to recover damages if there is liability. That can apply to anything from a deadly plane crash to a semi-truck collision to a defective switch in an automobile.

An accident that is the result of mechanical failure of a part from a company may just be the start of many serious problems. The GM recalls have affected millions of people with dozens of fatalities associated with them. The company reportedly acted in a negligent way by not issuing recalls when several of these problems first came to light, sometimes waiting as long as a decade to take any action. Similar experiences keep arising with more recalls involving other vehicles whether in California or elsewhere around the country.

Securing Legal Counsel

An unfortunate circumstance like this can send a family into disarray as they are coping with their loss. A person connected to such a tragedy is not likely to have the presence of mind and body of knowledge to know what their legal options are. That’s why it is a good idea to consider a free, no obligation consultation with the American Injury Attorney Group. If you or a loved one has been hurt or worse in an accident; there may be legal grounds to seek compensation for your injury or suffering. Contact us today for your free consultation.