Two Workers Injury in Highway Work Zone Accident

California- Work Zone AccidentIn September 2014, a work zone accident in Petaluma, California left two construction workers injured and hospitalized. According to reports, a semi truck traveling on U.S. Highway 101 collided with a bundle of steel rods as workers were at the site of the Petaluma River Bridge construction project. The left lane of the highway was closed for travel, but the second lane remained open for vehicles.

As the construction crew was taking steel rebar rods off of a crane, the rods swung in front of the semi truck and fell across both highway lanes. The two workers were struck by the falling rebar, and one suffered from head lacerations and a broken femur. The other was also reportedly injured and transported to the same hospital as his co-worker. Reports indicate that the semi truck driver was not injured in the California work zone accident, but his truck was damaged by the rods.

Construction and work zones are two of the deadliest locations for accidents and injuries, and while state and federal governments, including the California Occupational Safety and Health Administration, have participated in several statewide events to promote awareness of the existence and severity of work zone accidents, these incidents do tragically occur.

While some workers may be entitled to file workers’ compensation claims, in some cases, excessive burial costs and medical bills, long-term economic damages, and permanent disability or loss of income may not be fully compensated for those who have been injured. For this reason, it is important to seek legal counsel as workers’ compensation may not be enough to pay for the victim’s losses.

Depending on the specific facts surrounding the incident, those who are grieving the loss of a loved one may be entitled to pursue a wrongful death claim and recover specific damages for their loved one’s death such as burial or funeral expenses, debts, medical treatments, loss of consortium, and more. Additionally, there may be enhanced monetary penalties designed to deter and punish gross employer negligence as well as careless disregard for the safety of the company’s workers, and an experienced attorney can help you to determine if these damages will apply in your potential claim.

Have You Been Involved in a Work Zone Accident in California?

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