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When Can Prescription Drugs Become Dangerous?

How can a drug that has been evaluated and determined safe by the FDA be considered dangerous? Among the ways that you could potentially be exposed to the dangerous side effects of a medication include:

  • Assumed risk:Prior to being put into hospitals or placed on pharmacy store shelves, all substances marketed as medications are required to undergo rigorous clinical testing. It’s in these tests that the side effects of drugs are most often discovered. Once a potential side effect is known, the FDA requires that the drug manufacturer include it on a warning label on the drug bottle or packaging. This ensures that you, as a potential user, have all of the information needed to make an informed decision regarding whether or not you will take it. Often, you and your doctor may determine that your risks for experiencing side effects is relatively low, and thus worth assuming given the potential benefit.
  • Unknown dangers:There are certain scenarios where a potentially dangerous side effect may go undiscovered during drug testing, only to later come to light after having been approved for use. There’s also the possibility of a small volume of the drug becoming tainted during the packaging process. If and when this is discovered, the pharmaceutical company that manufactured the drug is expected to pull it from the market.
  • “Off label” use:It’s important to remember that while drug makers are in the business of saving lives, they are still large corporations whose top priorities are the same as those of companies in other industries: to make money. Thus, they may try to market a drug for uses other than those approved by the FDA. This “off label” use can open the drug manufacturers who do this to liability, as the potential side effects of such use are unknown.

How an Illinois Dangerous Drug Attorney Can Help

Holding a pharmaceutical company liable for dangerous drugs is no easy task. These are large corporations, with both the financial and legal resources to fight back against any claims made against them.

Yet you needn’t go through this process alone. An Illinois dangerous drug lawyer can provide assistance to you throughout the entirety of your case. He or she could be a valuable resource in helping to determine the extent of harm you were forced to endure, to assess how much is needed to compensate for your injuries, to negotiate with the drug company in an attempt to settle your claim, and to represent your interests at trial if necessary.

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