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A Massachusetts Xarelto lawsuit may be an option for patients who have suffered complications after taking the blood thinner. Xarelto is a commonly used blood thinner that treats and prevents blood clots in order to lower the risk of stroke in patients who have atrial fibrillation. The drug makers originally developed Xarelto to be an alternative to the widely used blood thinner, Warfarin. The drug has become the focus of numerous lawsuits, with patients alleging severe side effects from taking the drug ranging from uncontrollable bleeding to death. Affected patients and their families may be able to pursue compensation with the help of a Massachusetts Xarelto lawsuit attorney.

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What is Xarelto?

As stated by MedlinePlus, Xarelto (which is sometimes referred to by its generic name rivaroxaban) is used to treat numerous disorders. People with an irregular heartbeat, a condition known as atrial fibrillation often take this medication to reduce their risk of stroke and other conditions associated with this illness. Xarelto can also be used to treat clotting disorders like deep vein thrombosis, and as a result, can prevent deadly pulmonary embolisms from occurring.

Xarelto belongs to a class of drugs known as FXa inhibitors, according to its manufacturer, Janssen Pharmaceuticals (a subsidiary of Johnson & Johnson). Xarelto decreases the rate in which a certain enzyme (thrombin) is generated, which in turn inhibits the ability to form clots. This can help diminish the occurrence of thrombotic events in patients with a greater risk of experiencing dangerous blood clot disorders.

When do Doctors Prescribe Xarelto?

In general, Xarelto is prescribed by doctors as a tool to reduce the risk of embolism and stroke caused by blood clots, especially in those patients with atrial fibrillation. According to the National Heart, Lung, and Blood Institute, atrial fibrillation is a condition in which the two upper chambers of the heart, or atria, contract too quickly and irregularly for blood to pump properly through the heart. As a result, blood can pool in the atria, where it may begin to clot and result in a stroke or heart failure.

Xarelto and the FDA  

After receiving numerous adverse events reports, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) sent the manufacturers of Xarelto a warning letter. In the 2013 letter, the FDA told the drug’s manufacturers that the misleading claims and minimization of risks promoted in advertising materials had to be changed, along with the drug’s labeling. According to the letter, Xarelto’s manufacturers claimed that there was no need for adjusting dosage, as there often is with other anticoagulants, such as warfarin. However, patients with kidney problems may require a lower dose of Xarelto and may need to be monitored in case their dosage needs to be adjusted.

The FDA is currently investigating the clinical trials of Xarelto that took place before it was approved and released for use by the public in 2011. In 2014, the manufacturers announced that a blood monitoring device that was used during the trial was defective and may have been minimizing the risk of bleeding patients involved in the trial were experiencing, which could have suggested that Xarelto was more effective than warfarin.

Xarelto Lawsuit Claims

The drug’s manufacturers, Bayer Corp. and Janssen Research & Development, faced a lawsuit in 2012 from the family of a man who they claim died while taking Xarelto. According to the suit, the patient took Xarelto and died after experiencing a severe and irreversible brain bleed. The man is alleged to have been prescribed Xarelto as a treatment option for atrial fibrillation but died only a short time later. According to the lawsuit, both Bayer and Janssen promoted the drug as more effective than warfarin at thinning blood but failed to provide adequate warnings of the risks associated with its use.

A 2016 lawsuit filed on behalf of a woman who was prescribed Xarelto to treat deep vein thrombosis claimed that a brain bleed occurred only three months after beginning the drug. The lawsuit alleges that doctors were unable to stop to bleeding, as the common reversal agent for most other types of blood thinners is ineffective with Xarelto.

As there is usually a statute of limitations on when you can file a claim, it is important that you consult with a Massachusetts Xarelto lawsuit attorney to find out what your options are.

How a Massachusetts Xarelto Lawsuit Can Help

Drug makers have a duty to provide safe products. If there are risks of harm associated with their products, they also must provide adequate warnings. If a drug maker fails to fulfill this duty, it could be held liable in lawsuits for injuries that may result.

People injured by bad drugs may be eligible to recover money for:

  • Medical Expenses
  • Lost Wages
  • Pain and Suffering

The families of those who have died may be eligible to recover money for funeral expenses and the pain that comes with losing a loved one.

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