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Mother and Baby | Zofran Birth Injury

Lawsuit: Zofran Birth Injury Could Have Been Avoided

A Michigan Zofran birth injury lawyer notes a lawsuit that alleges the drug maker continued to market the drug despite warnings from the U.S. Food and Drug Administration […]

Sick Woman In Hospital | Michigan Onglyza Lawyer

Study: Onglyza May Be Unsafe For Patients with Heart Issues

A Michigan Onglyza lawyer notes a study suggesting that the diabetes drug may be linked to heart failure for patients who already have heart problems. The U.S. Food […]

Vials of Blood | Michigan Xarelto Lawyer

Questions Raised Over Accuracy of Xarelto Clinical Trials

A Michigan Xarelto lawyer notes that reports concerning the alleged inaccuracy of a blood-testing device used during Xarelto clinical trials have fueled concerns about the drug’s safety and […]