Airbag Recall: Mississippi Listed Among “High Humidity” Regions

In June 2014, about 900,000 vehicles in two states, Florida and Hawaii were included in an airbag recall issued by automakers and,the Takata Corporation of Japan over concerns that metal and plastic fragments could cause severe injury when the airbags deployed in an accident. Puerto Rico and the U.S. Virgin Islands were included in the recall, and the Honda Corporation subsequently expanded the recall to include Alabama, California, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and parts of Texas. The recall was limited to high humidity regions based on the manufacturers’ conclusion that humidity was causing the mechanism inside the airbag to explode. Four deaths have reportedly been linked to the allegedly defective airbags, in addition to more than 100 injuries. Lawmakers in the U.S. want to see the Takata airbag recall expanded nationwide.

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Airbag Recall ConcernsAirbag Recall

Members of Congress are concerned with the limited scope of the Takata airbag recall. Some automakers are only recalling vehicles in states like Mississippi where heat and humidity are common. However, lawmakers contend that some people who may have vehicles registered in less humid states spend considerable time in areas with humid conditions. In addition, even states not considered hot or humid can have periods of extended humidity during some seasons, and the limited nature of the airbag recall may result in those vehicle owners being unaware of the problem.

Another problem that could potentially affect almost eight million vehicles is a reported lack of replacement parts provided by Takata. Toyota has instructed dealers to disable passenger-side airbags and place labels warning passengers not to sit in the seat in vehicles with the possibly faulty airbags as a temporary precaution, but lawmakers say that this option is not acceptable. Some members of Congress are requesting those with the allegedly faulty airbags be provided loaner cars until the parts are available.

There are reports that Takata has been aware of the allegedly defective airbags since 2004. They, along with Honda, settled two lawsuits, one in 2009 and another in 2013, due to problems similar to those identified in the airbag recall. In one case, a mother died in an accident while her young children watched when the airbag deployment allegedly cut arteries in her neck.. In another case in Florida, a young woman was thought to have suffered stab wounds to her neck until investigators discovered that her airbag had deployed in an accident.

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