Mississippi Blitz Gas Can Attorneys

Blitz Gas Can Explosions

Mississippi Blitz Gas Can Attorneys handle the cases that deal with the negligence and malfunctioning of Blitz gas cans. 95% of all the gas cans that are sold in the United States are made of plastic. In fact, Blitz is the number 1 manufacturer of these plastic cans sold in the United States. Furthermore, their name is proudly displayed on 75% of all these cans. If that number was put to a figure, that would account for 150 million cans that are distributed each year.

Additionally, these cans can be found in many household garages and storage units in the United States alone. They are stored for emergencies as well as for backup supplies. However, there are many precautionary elements that every consumer should be aware of with regards to owning a Blitz can. The one major safety issue with Blitz cans is that out of all the 150 million Blitz products that are distributed each year, not a single can comes with flame arresters.

Mississippi Blitz Gas Can Attorneys

Moreover, there are barely any flammability disclaimers on their labels. Gas Can explosion attorneys in Mississippi can help you with your claim. If you have been severely burned or injured, Mississippi Blitz Gas Can Attorneys can help you fight for the maximum benefits you deserve under the law.

14 people have been killed due to the explosion of these Blitz cans. A Blitz lawsuit is the only way to take a stand and demand the compensation you deserve for you accident. Another tragic statistic is that 6 children have been burned to death. The fumes can distribute throughout the garage and be set of during an explosion.

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It is important that you contact Mississippi Blitz Gas Can Attorneys as soon as possible after an injury. The sooner you pursue a claim, the more likely you will be to get the maximum benefits you deserve. Blitz gas can explosion lawsuits occur when a consumer of Blitz gas cans has been seriously injured due to the negligence of not putting flame arresters on their products. Furthermore, Mississippi Blitz Gas Can Attorneys will fight for you in these matters.