Why Consider Alternatives to Transvaginal Mesh Surgery?

Mississippi-Transvaginal Mesh SurgeryWomen that suffer from stress urinary incontinence (SUI) and pelvic organ prolapse (POP) have been looking for good solutions for years. Both can cause extreme discomfort to the sufferer and really do not have any “cures”. Transvaginal mesh surgery was supposed to be a breakthrough that would allow women to get mesh implanted without invasive abdominal surgery. Unfortunately, that did not turn out to be the case for many women in Mississippi and around the world.

Severe Side Effects of Transvaginal Mesh Surgery

According to current lawsuits, many women soon found themselves struck with severe side effects shortly after their transvaginal mesh surgery. The most common side effect was extreme pain in the pelvis, abdomen, and down the legs. Many women were subject to mesh erosion and deterioration, painful intercourse, tearing, cutting, bleeding, and increased infections. The installed mesh would also reportedly slip out of position.

The cause of these side effects is rooted in the vaginal soft tissue the mesh is installed near. Why didn’t human testing and clinical trials pick up this problem before thousands of women had to file suit? The FDA has a clause, the 510(k) clause, which allows a manufacturer to bypass these two steps of certification. The manufacturer must demonstrate that their product has a great similarity to products that have already been approved and are on the market.

Treating POP And SUI

POP is typically caused by weakened muscles in a woman’s pelvic region. The muscles are unable to support the weight of the organs above, letting them slip down and out of place. Transvaginal mesh surgery is one way to address the problem but could be considered risky, if the thousands of lawsuits are any indication. A woman may opt for a traditional surgical mesh implantation or a vaginal pessary to provide additional support. Various exercises and electrical stimulation can also help strengthen the area.

Women affected by SUI do have the option of using a traditional Bladder Sling. The Sling provides support and helps apply a bit more pressure to the urethra to control any unwanted emissions.

Legal Repercussion

Mississippi women should contact Attorney Group for Mississippi to discuss their circumstances if they have suffered injury after a transvaginal mesh surgery. Consultation is free and there is no obligation. In the event that you have a case, Attorney Group for Mississippi can connect you to an experienced attorney.

It’s important to understand that there are typically deadlines for filing. Contact us today to learn more about your legal options, and be connected with an attorney.