Football Concussion Lawsuit Changes Sports Brain Injury Lawsuits

Mississippi football concussion lawsuitIn December 2013, the father of a high school football player in Mississippi filed a class-action football concussion lawsuit against the National Federation of State High School Associations (NFHS) and the NCAA. The lawsuit seeks to represent a class of all current high school football players across the country as of December 2013. The associations are defending the claims, stating that the football concussion lawsuit should end due to a new law in Mississippi.

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Mississippi Football Concussion Lawsuit Goes After NFHS and NCAA

The football concussion lawsuit filed by a brain injury attorney on behalf of the plaintiff in December 2013 asks the associations to certify that high schools throughout the U.S. have concussion management plans. The suit attempts to connect joint responsibility by the NFHS and the NCAA in protecting high school football players and is the latest trick-down effect of NFL concussion lawsuits.

However, the associations each argue that the lawsuit is “moot” due to a bill signed by Mississippi Governor Phil Bryant on January 30, 2014 that requires private and public schools to have return-to-play policies and concussion management strategies.

Governor Bryant noted in January that he spoke with the commissioner of the NFL about the law, which requires an athlete demonstrating symptoms of a concussion to immediately leave a sporting activity and return only when he or she is cleared by a healthcare provider. However, a brain injury attorney representing the plaintiff stated the lawsuit is intended to address why the information obtained by the NFL relating to concussions had not yet been put into practice by high schools and the NCAA.

Both defendants filed motions separately to dismiss the football concussion lawsuit after they had previously received an extension. The NCAA says that plaintiffs did not suffer any injuries due to the association’s conduct and that it does not have the legal obligation to educate or protect high school football players or their families.

The Mississippi football concussion lawsuit argues that since the NCAA does require high school players to complete an academic certification process in order to participate at a university, high school players and the association are parties to a contract. Additionally, the plaintiffs claim that the NCAA has superior knowledge pertaining to the risks of sustaining concussions in football games while the association argues that the plaintiffs have their own knowledge about the appropriate concussion management protocols and the risks of traumatic brain injuries.

Those who have been injured during sporting events may consider working with a brain injury attorney if they feel that their conditions were caused by the negligence of another. Not every high school throughout the U.S. has proper procedures in place for handling traumatic brain injuries, and the lack of structure or protocol may, in some cases, worsen the individual’s injury. A brain injury attorney can help victims understand their legal rights in a particular situation and seek appropriate compensation for damages, or help file a lawsuit on behalf of a loved one if surviving family members wish to pursue a wrongful death claim.

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