How Do You Know if You Have a Recalled Hip Replacement in Mississippi?

Mississippi- Recalled Hip ReplacementStatistical research has indicated that a significant percentage of certain types of hip replacement devices reportedly fail within five years of the initial surgery, leading many patients in Mississippi and other states to wonder if their artificial hip is one of the recently recalled hip replacement devices in the news, or one of the hip replacements involved in lawsuits across the country.

Recalled Hip Replacements

In 2010, DePuy recalled their Articular Surface Replacement (ASR) Acetabular Hip System as well as another system that was not sold in the United States. The metal-on-metal devices were marketed to doctors in Mississippi and other states for younger patients, as they were supposed to be more durable than devices made from other materials. However, a report issued by the United Kingdom indicated that the devices had a 13 percent failure rate within five years, prompting the recalled hip replacement notice from DePuy. Court documents in a lawsuit against DePuy showed that more recent research indicates a 40 percent failure rate for the recalled hip replacement devices.
In 2012, Stryker issued a recall of their Rejuvenate and ABG II systems just three years after they were first approved by the FDA. Post-market data found that the recalled hip replacement systems were sugject to fretting and corrosion that could cause significant amounts of metal fragments to enter the bloodstream. In addition, the corrosion could lead to damage to the surrounding bone and tissue. The company has also recalled its Omnifit and Sulzer Inter-Op acetabular shell devices.Smith & Nephew also recalled their R3 Acetabular System in 2012 due to reports of implant failure, loosening, pain, dislocation and metal sensitivity. In the recall announcement, Smith & Nephew admitted that the metal liner in their device had not performed as well as they expected.Other voluntary recalls throughout the country included:

  • Biomet Mallory-Head (problems have also been reported in the M2a and Taperloc models)
  • Exactech Metal liner of R3 Acetabular System and the Opteon devices
  • Wright Medical Technology Conserve Plus and Profemur Z Hip Stem
  • Zimmer Durom Acetabular and Mayo Hip

The FDA has also reported that the following devices have had reports of serious adverse effects and some have caused significant injury to patients.:

  • Biomet M2a and Taperloc
  • Centerpulse Orthadapt and Inter-Op
  • Corin Cormet 2000
  • DePuy AML, Pinnacle, Prodigy, S-ROM and Marathon
  • Encore Orthopedics Foundation, Linear and Revelation
  • Exactech Opteon
  • Smith & Nephew Duo, IVS Tunneler, TriGen Hip Nail and Synergy. There have been a limited number of Birmingham Hip Resurfacing devices due to a packaging error, but they are still being sold.
  • Stryker Exeter, Crossfire and Triden Hemispherical SH
  • Wright Medical Technology Conserve Plus, Profemur Z Hip Stem, Perfecta, Dynasty and Metal Trascend
  • Zimmer VerSys and Longevity

Do You Believe You Have a Recalled Hip Replacement?

Patients in Mississippi and other states should be informed as to what type of hip replacement device their doctor or surgeon is using. However, many patients may not recall or no longer have any documentation regarding their hip implant. Any patient who is not sure whether theirs is one of the recalled hip replacement devices should contact their doctor or hospital. Physicians may also have information on the recalls. Patients who are suffering from complications such as pain, swelling or difficulty walking should take action before it’s too late.

If you or a loved one have undergone a hip replacement and you believe your device is one of the recalled hip replacements, or you have suffered serious injury after receiving a hip replacement, contact Attorney Group for Mississippi today for a free consultation to determine whether you are able to file a lawsuit for compensation.