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Mississppi Apex Arc Hip SystemIn a lawsuit filed against Orthopaedic Synergy Inc. and OmniLife Science Inc. on June 24, 2014, a Florida woman claims a number of adverse medical conditions were caused by her one year old Apex Arc hip system. Symptoms include elevated barium, titanium and chromium levels as well as a necrotic and fibrous pseudo-tumor. The plaintiff was forced to undergo complicated revision surgery, sciatic nerve neurolysis as well as surgical debulking of the necrotic pseudo-tumor.

Nobody should have to endure that sort of pain and suffering from a medical device that was intended to improve quality of life. If something like this happens to you or to someone you care about, consider contacting a Mississippi Apex Arc hip system attorney. In the lawsuit mentioned above, the plaintiff alleges that Orthopaedic Synergy Inc. and OmniLife Science Inc. were aware of problems with the Apex Arc hip system, but released it to the public anyway.

OmniLife Science Company still claims the Apex ARC hip system as appropriate for a wide variety of surgical candidates. The Apex ARC is presented to surgeons as safe and reliable for young, active patients. Although the bone-sparing techniques offered by the Apex ARC hip system may be considerable, the fact that they promise the implant releases no metallic debris may not be accurate. That is why many patients have already filed complaints with the FDA, and that is why the Florida woman is seeking compensation for her injuries- to hold the company responsible for compensation for injuries reportedly caused by their product.

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