Mississippi Bydureon Lawsuit Attorneys Help Many Make Amends

Mississippi Bydureon Lawsuit Attorneys

Mississippi residents suffer the second-highest diabetes rate in the United States, according to the Mississippi State Department of Health. Over a period of decades, great strides have been made in developing drugs and other methods for helping control diabetes, but sometimes a new drug treatment emerges that causes undesirable—and, possibly, fatal—side effects. Mississippi Bydureon Lawsuit Attorneys monitor research studies to help patients redress grievances against medical personnel and pharmaceutical concerns for making available medication that harms them.

History of Bydureon

mississippi bydureon lawsuit attorneys

In early 2012, the U.S. Food and Drug Administration approved Bydureon for Type 2 diabetes. Bydureon is administered by injection on a weekly basis, and does not replace the need for diet and exercise to help improve the diabetic’s health. Mississippi Bydureon lawsuit attorneys became interested in Bydureon when it became apparent that administration of the drug could harm patients more than it helps.

The Danger and FDA Involvement

FDA officials published a study indicating the drug can cause thyroid tumors, some of which are cancerous. Another potentially fatal reaction to Bydureon, the FDA found, is pancreatitis, a severe inflammation of the pancreas. Documented symptoms include recurring stomach and back pain, swelling of the throat, difficulty breathing or swallowing, rashes, dizziness, fainting, and a rapid heartbeat. Vitamins and herbal supplements can cause Bydureon to act improperly, the FDA added.

Studies continue over whether women taking Bydureon can pass the drug onto their infants through breastfeeding and Mississippi Bydureon lawsuit attorneys continue to monitor research in that area. Nor is it known if the drug is safe for children with diabetes. Mississippi Bydureon lawsuit attorneys are interested in cases in which children have been administered the drug and have suffered harmful symptoms. Furthermore, Bydureon is not insulin and it is not known if it is safe to use it in conjunction with insulin. “Bydureon,” the FDA concluded, “is not recommended as the first choice of medication for treating diabetes.”

Seeking Help

The FDA’s conclusion is of particular interest to Mississippi Bydureon Lawsuit Attorneys who are concerned the drug may be prescribed prematurely, before other options are considered. When patients are harmed by administration of harmful drugs, Mississippi Bydureon lawsuit attorneys can help determine the facts of the case and work toward an equitable solution to recover damages caused by administration of the drug to the wrong patients.

What Mississippi Bydureon Lawsuit Attorneys Can Do

Investigation, successful litigation, and negotiation of equitable solutions are tasks for attorneys with both proper legal training and adequate experience in handling such cases. They have available to them experts in the field who can offer sworn testimony about the ill effects of poor drug administration. Mississippi Bydureon lawsuit attorneys are also adept at finding out the value of lost wages, life-care expenses, and medical costs to the patient resulting from the medical errors.

Damages for non-economic injuries are also recoverable. These can include physical and psychological distress, a general loss in the quality of life and other factors. There are also deadlines for claiming damages for medical mistakes. Mississippi Bydureon lawsuit attorneys are well aware of them and will make sure claims for damages are filed on time. Without the assistance of Mississippi Bydureon lawsuit attorneys, a patient or his/her survivors is unlikely to recover damages that meet the expenses and pain resulting from medical mistakes.

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