Mississippi GranuFlo Lawsuit Attorneys Alert Patients

Mississippi GranuFlo Lawsuit Attorneys

Dialysis centers make it possible for hundreds of thousands of Americans that have been diagnosed with kidney disease to maintain their health and live a reasonably normal life. Removing toxic chemicals from the blood and balancing salt levels in the body are among the many functions of the kidneys. When advanced kidney disease causes renal failure, dialysis is used to remove harmful toxins from the blood. Experienced Mississippi GranuFlo lawsuit attorneys understand the enormous harm that can be done to medically fragile patients.


Nearly every major community has a dialysis center where patients with renal failure can receive dialysis treatments. Dialysis centers are regulated by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Moreover, the health care workers, equipment and medications are supervised by a qualified physician. Mississippi GranuFlo lawsuit attorneys can help when a loved one dies from medical negligence.

One of the more prominent dialysis providers, Fresenius Medical Care, developed a medication called GranuFlo to aid in the administration of bicarbonate during dialysis treatments. Bicarbonate is used to regulate blood acidity, but GranuFlo contains substantially more bicarbonate than similar medications. It is believed that excessive blood bicarbonate levels can cause heart attacks and other life threatening complications. Mississippi GranuFlo lawsuit attorneys can make a big difference in such cases.

Fresenius Medical Care

Not only does Fresenius Medical Care provide dialysis services for approximately a third of the nation’s dialysis patients, they were also selling GranuFlo to a substantial number of other dialysis centers. When Fresenius Medical Care officials became aware of the potential harm that GranuFlo could cause, they promptly notified their own staff and patients of the potential medical complications. Unfortunately, they didn’t bother to advise outside GranuFlo customers of the potential problem. The physicians that supervised these dialysis centers and 125,000 dialysis patients were unaware of the risk that GranuFlo presented. This is when Mississippi GranuFlo lawsuit attorneys can prove to be invaluable.

It appears that literally hundreds of Fresenius Medical Care patients died after receiving GranuFlo treatments. Fresenius Medical Care only notified theirGranuFlo customers of the potential risk after the FDA spoke out about the dangers associated with the drug. Mississippi GranuFlo lawsuit attorneys mississippi granuflo lawsuit attorneysquickly learned that GranuFlo was putting kidney dialysis patients at risk by causing the following medical conditions:

  • Irregular heartbeat
  • Stroke
  • Elevated bicarbonate level
  • Heart Attack
  • Inadequate blood oxygen level
  • Low blood sugar
  • Elevated carbon dioxide level
  • Sudden death

Clearly, Fresenius Medical Care should have promptly recalled GranuFlo as soon as they learned of the inherent risk to patient health. It has been alleged that it was the desire for financial profit that kept Fresenius Medical Care officials from notifying GranuFlo customers of the risk that the drug imposed. Mississippi GranuFlo lawsuit attorneys specialize in holding medically negligent corporations accountable for their actions.

FDA Recall

The FDA announced a Class 1 recall of GranuFlo in June of 2012. FDA officials cited an increased risk of heart attack as the reason for the recall. A Class 1 recall is only issued when it is believed that the risk to patient health is urgent and severe. The recall did not require that existing stocks of GranuFlo be returned to the manufacture. It is unknown how long GranuFlo was used by kidney dialysis centers after the FDA recall. Mississippi GranuFlo lawsuit attorneys know how to uncover the evidence necessary to build a strong lawsuit.

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Countless Mississippi residents may have been subjected to unnecessary risk while receiving kidney dialysis treatments. It seems as though the leadership of Fresenius Medical Care neglected the health of those that suffer from renal failure when they avoided their moral responsibility to advise physicians and patients of the risk associated with GranuFlo. Anyone that suffered a heart attack or other serious medical complication after receiving GranuFlo treatments should speak with experienced Mississippi GranuFlo lawsuit attorneys to learn about the financial damages that may be available for medical expenses, pain and suffering and wrongful death. Call Attorney Group for Mississippi today.