Mississippi Metal on Metal Hip Replacement

It is estimated that 400,000 people have received metal on metal hip replacements over the last decade and now many of them are seeking metal on metal hip replacement lawyers. Several types of hip implants and hip replacements with metal parts have recalled due to potential health risks and problems with functionality. For many, finding Mississippi metal on metal hip replacement attorneys may be their best option to ensure they are able to get the financial compensation they deserve for the pain and health issues these implants have caused.


Metal On Metal Hip Implant Issues

Although each recalled implant from each company has its own specific issues, the main concern is that the metal parts are corroding as they rub against each other. The fretting from this friction is causing metal particles to be released both into the surrounding tissue and into the blood stream. Metal on metal hip recall attorneys are representing patients that are experiencing pain, infection, blood poisoning and other associated health problems from these implants.


The blood poisoning is a major concern for metal on metal hip replacement lawyers and their clients. The chromium and cobalt that many of these hip implants are made from can be toxic in the body in larger quantities. It can cause heavy metal poisoning that can lead to cancer and also liver, kidney, heart, neurological, vision and many other problems up to and including death. Even after hip implant revision surgery, if there was already metal poisoning, the patient may have long term health problems that may still effect them.


Anyone who has a recalled hip replacement or knows a loved one with one of these implants should be aware of the possible risks that these devices pose. In addition to calling metal on metal hip recall attorneys, patients are being urged to meet with their physicians for tests and scans on their implants, even if they are not experiencing any negative side effects. Mississippi metal on metal hip replacement attorneys are consulting those locally that need legal advise on this issue. The Mississippi Attorney Group is accepting new clients that have these recalled metal on metal hip replacements and are experienced in handling these types of complicated medical cases.

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