Mississippi Stryker Hip Lawsuit Update

Mississippi Stryker Hip LawsuitStryker Hip Lawsuit

A Stryker hip lawsuit in Mississippi and elsewhere today focuses on artificial hip implants. Back in 2009, Stryker Orthopeadics, a leading medical technology firm in Michigan, announced two new hip implants, the Rejuvenate and the ABG II. They claimed ease and comfort for the thousands of Americans who are unable to stand or walk without great difficulty and pain. Less than three years later, in July 2012, Stryker suddenly and voluntarily pulled both models from the market. Today, Stryker hip lawsuits are reportedly steadily increasing as awareness grows of the alleged problems with the hip replacements.

Hip replacement surgery has been a success story in Mississippi and throughout the United States since it was first performed in the 1960s. Thousands of Americans have been relieved of the crippling pain of arthritis or injury by an implant that resembles the physical function of the hip. The surgery involves replacing the ball and socket of the natural hip parts usually made of plastic or ceramic that mimic the natural hip function. Stryker’s implants were different. They were advertised as superior to earlier implants and easily adaptable to a more personalized fit. However, problems began to surface soon after release. The Stryker models have a metal neckpiece that in certain conditions may rub against a metal stem. As some Stryker hip lawsuits claim, this can cause tiny metal shavings to be absorbed in the body. The result is pain and inflammation and in some cases metal poisoning, or metallosis. Other risks have been noted such as corrosion of the device, hypersensitivity or an allergic response to the device itself, and loosening or dislocation of the joint.

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