The Latest in Mississippi Stryker Hip Litigation

mississippi stryker hip litigation

Mississippi Stryker Hip Litigation Moving Forward

People in the state of Mississippi who have undergone hip replacement surgery may find themselves in need of Mississippi Stryker hip litigation. Stryker is the global leader in products for total hip replacement. Though these products have been advertised as completely safe over the years, they are not. Read on to learn why Mississippi Stryker hip litigation has become such a major issue in the world of medical malpractice lawsuits.

About Stryker Hips

Stryker has been making hip replacement products for generations. They grew into the largest hip replacement products company on earth. Unlike other hip replacement products that are strictly metal on metal implants, current generation Stryker hips have not been labelled as typical metal on metal implants. This is because their hip components include a ceramic cup. Stryker hips do not force a metal ball into a metal socket. The problem with their design revolves around the metal femoral stem that lies against the metal neck. Long term rubbing together of the two components has led to serious problems for consumers with Stryker hip components. It made the Mississippi Stryker hip litigation necessary in the first place.

What Stryker Hips Were Meant to Do

Current generation Stryker hips were meant to eliminate the traditional all metal on metal design that had plagued so many hip replacement patients. These all metal products wore down quickly and released metal toxins into the patients’ bodies over time. Thanks in part to the improved design that Stryker patented with the ceramic cup, total hip replacement has become among the most successful surgeries in the world today.

Problems that Led to Mississippi Stryker Hip Litigation

It turns out that the Stryker hip components did suffer from similar problems as the traditional metal on metal hips. The company learned that their modular neck junction was the problematic point in the design. It was here that the metal pieces did rub up against one another. This released cobalt and chromium into the patients’ blood and tissues, a process that creates conditions known as metallosis, osteolysis, and necrosis. Once Stryker learned that this junction was corroding and fretting away into the patients bodies, they had no choice but to take action.

Stryker issued a total recall for both ABG II and Rejuvenate hip stems back on July 2012. They have also recommended that every patient who has one of these implants in their bodies undergo medical screening so that they can be certain that their replaced hips are working correctly. This has not been enough to satisfy the patients who have suffered painful side effects that include swelling and pain surrounding the hip joint. By July 9th, over 161 Stryker hip lawsuits have been filed in New Jersey alone. Besides this, another 159 such lawsuits have been moved to a inter district lawsuit that has begun in Minnesota’s U.S. District Court. Similarly, victims in Mississippi have begun to join Mississippi Stryker hip litigation. These lawsuits allege that such Stryker hip components have caused great suffering and pain for their users.

Current Stryker Hip Litigation

The litigation against Stryker continues actively today. In New Jersey case “Stryker Rejuvenate Hip Stem and the ABG II Modular Hip Stem Litigation,” Number 296, the most recent Case Management Conference took place on July 17th at 10 AM. The Mississippi Stryker hip litigation continues to allow plaintiffs to join their case as well.

Become a Part of Mississippi Stryker Hip Litigation

If you are an individual in Mississippi who feels that you have been negatively-impacted by the Stryker Rejuvenate and ABG II hip replacement systems, then consider adding your voice to Mississippi Stryker hip litigation. You may be able to recover money for lost wages, for expensive medical bills, and also for pain and suffering. In order to join the Mississippi Stryker hip litigation, simply contact Attorney Group for Mississippi today.