Mississippi Trucking Accident Attorneys – What I do when hit by a Semi?

Hit By a Semi-Truck in Mississippi: What Do I Do?

The home state of Elvis Presley and the world’s first successful human lung transplant, Mississippi boasts many great claims to fame. The world-famous photograph of President Theodore Roosevelt refusing to shoot a captured bear, thus giving rise to the term “teddy bear,” was shot in Mississippi and the first bottle of antiseptic was produced in this state. If you need to speak with Mississippi Trucking Accident Attorneys immediately, call now or fill out our form on the contact us page.

The economy in Mississippi is comprised of various industries from services, manufacturing and agriculture. What does this mean for motorists and tourists? Drivers in Mississippi may expect to see an abundance of semi-trucks en route to various destinations across the country. With that being said, there may be a higher risk of semi-truck accidents occurring in the state. If you find yourself involved in a situation involving a truck, you may not know the process for filing a claim. However, rest assured that the procedure is similar to that of a standard car accident, with just a few minor differences. Experienced trucking accident lawyers will assist you in filling a case.

Whom May I Sue?Mississippi Trucking Accident Attorneys

Most drivers know that in a standard accident, you are eligible to sue the other driver for negligence. In some cases, you may also sue the owner of the vehicle whether he was present at the time of the accident or not. However, in an accident involving a commercial truck, you may sue the driver and other individuals who are responsible for the vehicle. Your Mississippi Trucking Accident Attorneys will know all about the proper parties and claims to make in this type of accident.

If the driver was on the clock and transporting goods for his employer when the accident occurred, you may also sue the employer as well. Companies often take responsibility for what occurs to the driver and as a result of his actions while he is on the clock. If the vehicle was leased or if the goods in transport were owned by a second company, these parties may also be held accountable.

Only an attorney will be able to direct you down the right path. He may suggest that you only sue the employer and let the driver off the hook. These decisions often anger those suffering the repercussions of the accident as they feel that the driver should pay for his negligence. However, the sole purpose of filing a lawsuit against an individual or corporation is to obtain as much financial compensation possible. A jury may not feel as much sympathy toward a faceless trucking company as they would a single driver because the jury may understand that everyone makes mistakes; in such a case, you may have more success suing solely the corporation.

Does Being an Independent Contractor Have an Effect on a Lawsuit?

Independent contractors, while they do not have one formal employer, often have various contracts with other companies. The driver sets his own rate and contracts for himself; an employer does not dictate the driver’s wage or job duties. However, your lawyer will want to examine the contracts set forth between the driver and the companies for whom he is working. Oftentimes, the company may insist on a clause that states they are not to be held responsible for any negligence that stems from the driver’s actions. In other instances, a company may take partial responsibility depending on the circumstances surrounding the accident.

We Can Help You Pursue a Claim

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